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14:30 TYPO3 Core Task #97506 (Resolved): Streamline duplicate-form-wizard
Applied in changeset commit:6f7514f51634fd98a4d4def818c3f16e28aff538. Andreas Steiger
14:24 TYPO3 Core Revision 6f7514f5: [TASK] Streamline duplicate-form-wizard
Streamline the first step of the duplicate-form-wizard
to the new layout of new-form-wizard.
Resolves: #97506
Andreas Steiger
12:39 TYPO3 Core Task #97519 (New): Improve view of form settings
The settings view of a form in the form editor is quiet hidden in the right inspector section. The understanding for ... Andreas Steiger
12:25 TYPO3 Core Feature #97518 (New): Duplicate form elements
As an editor I want to duplicate a form element in form editor. This should be possible for all elements.
When dupl...
Andreas Steiger
07:30 TYPO3 Core Task #95086 (Resolved): Change checkboxes to toggle buttons in the form editor
Applied in changeset commit:9717fe4c34ed6c1a07afc7074895d1875302d3f4. Andreas Steiger
07:24 TYPO3 Core Revision 9717fe4c: [TASK] Streamline checkboxes of form editor
Change browser default checkboxes to TYPO3
toggle buttons or TYPO3 checkboxes in the form editor.
Resolves: #95086
Andreas Steiger


13:17 TYPO3 Core Task #97507 (Closed): Streamline labels in form editor
There is inconsistency within the editor labels of the element type. This should be the language label in every case ... Andreas Steiger
12:50 TYPO3 Core Task #97506 (Closed): Streamline duplicate-form-wizard
The first step of the duplicate-form-wizard in the form module should be streamlined with the new layout of new-form-... Andreas Steiger
10:55 TYPO3 Core Task #97503 (Under Review): Auto resize tiny fields in form inspector
As an editor i want to read and edit the content of an input field with enough space also in a property grid of form ... Andreas Steiger
09:47 TYPO3 Core Task #97500 (New): Improve Editor workflow when creating/editing a form
As an editor I want to create/edit a form quickly with auto focusing and auto scrolling to a new field/element which ... Andreas Steiger

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