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11:55 TER Team Revision a603a042: Revert "[FEATURE] Check extension key before upload"
This reverts commit 899c2f58d89b29b8fa5d02799974634852be29fd.
Reverted, because uploading very old extensions with k...


12:46 Server Team Bug #60385 (Closed): is missing
Links to projects not inside seem to have vanished von SVN.
For instance...


12:46 Server Team Bug #60308 (Closed): Missing files/attachments in tickets
On the linked file gives a 404 when trying to be opened. Probably related to the...


11:08 tt_news Bug #44003: Translation of a news record as type "link to external url" links to original link
The recommended patch does not seem to be necessary, because @mergeIfNotBlank@ is the default behaviour for ext_url. ...


10:55 TYPO3 Core Feature #59355 (Rejected): make trustedHostsPattern use sys_domain records
Configuring the regexp for trustedHostsPattern is really tedious in larger installations with lots of handled domains...


13:47 TYPO3 Core Bug #59277 (Closed): Warning "Invalid argument supplied for foreach()" in SearchController
Performing a search with indexed_search a warning will be raised:...


10:30 Localization Manager (l10nmgr) Revision dc0c4983: Fix t3_sourceLang in exported xml files of l10nmgr
The value of t3_sourceLang was in any case taken from export configuration. If you override the source language on ex...


19:31 Server Team Wiki edit: Wiki (#5)


19:21 Server Team Bug #58429: Fix PHP bug on
Fabien Udriot wrote:
> but what about upgrading the server to Wheezy which would have the benefit to have a more up ...
17:56 Server Team Bug #58429 (Closed): Fix PHP bug on
I've already mentioned this twice, but up till now a proper error report was missing.
There is a bug in PHP 5.3.3 ...

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