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07:26 TYPO3 Core Bug #100958 (Resolved): Type error in reference index with invalid user input
... R3 H6


20:25 TYPO3 Core Bug #98596 (New): Deleting referenced content in page module does not show references in warning modal
Steps to reproduce:
# Create a header content element
# Create a shortcut content element referencing the header co...
R3 H6


13:10 TYPO3 Core Bug #96090 (Closed): Broken LinkWizard for new FileReference
In TYPO3 11.5.3 the LinkWizard is covered by a transparent black div from boostrap modal for a new unsaved FileRefere... R3 H6


12:06 TYPO3 Core Bug #91764 (Closed): File mail spool generates multiple messages
In any case, the file spool generates for every mail, as many queue entries as _retryLimit is defined.
R3 H6
11:58 TYPO3 Core Bug #91763 (Closed): Mail file spool is broken
There are two issues:
1) Mails (SentMessage) can not be serialized
2) FluidEmail calls generateTemplatedBody() in e...
R3 H6


14:02 TYPO3 Core Bug #91040: RequestBuilder fails merging params
Since Extbase expects an array, I think best would be do a type check. If argument is not an array then simply ignore... R3 H6


14:06 TYPO3 Core Bug #91040: RequestBuilder fails merging params
Alexander Schnitzler wrote:
> First of all you are right. Any call like @?plugin_ns=foo@ will cause this error. Ques...
R3 H6


14:53 TYPO3 Core Bug #91045 (Closed): Language overlay does not respect $disableGroupAccessCheck
When calling getPage on PageRepository with $disableGroupAccessCheck = true, this argument has no effect for language... R3 H6
11:40 TYPO3 Core Bug #91040 (Closed): RequestBuilder fails merging params
If the plugin namespace param is not an array, RequestBuilder will fail.
This should not happen.
Example URL:
R3 H6


21:46 TYPO3 Core Bug #90338: Error after last step in install tool
In Frontend following message is shown:
(1/2) Symfony\Component\DependencyInjection\Exception\InvalidArgumentExcep...
R3 H6

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