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10:12 Design Team Feature #48400: Replace AJAX spinner with TYPO3 animation
Wouldn't that set the wrong context for the logo?
You'll always see it when you're waiting which is annoying, so y...


10:25 Core Bug #21756: Fatal error when trying to use SaltedPasswords together with RSA for BE login
Same problems here with TYPO3 4.3.2, PHP Version 5.2.6 and OpenSSL 0.9.7a Feb 19 2003. To fix it we've changed in "rs...


10:49 Core Bug #21713 (Resolved): List module shows relation to deleted records
If you have a relation from e.g. a news item to a category, then delete the category you'll still find the deleted ca...


00:32 Core Bug #21711 (Closed): List module doesn't list mm-relation according to their sorting
The relations are output, but the sorting field in the mm table is ignored
(issue imported from #M12790)
00:29 Core Bug #21710 (Closed): List modul doesn't sort m:m relation properly
If you use the list module to sort records according to their mm-relation you won't get any useful results.
My ide...
17:03 Core Bug #21701: show_item.php does not provide correct mm-relation info
Tested it on 4.2.9 and 4.3.0RC2. Can anybody confirm the solution?
16:44 Core Bug #21701 (Closed): show_item.php does not provide correct mm-relation info
If you have a mm relation (e.g. tt_news <-> tt_news_cat) the information in the show_item.php does not provide the co...

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