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07:57 TYPO3 Core Bug #83426 (Rejected): Extension file metadata ACCESS tab does not apply rights while rending content
I tried many times but I found that Filemetadata extension Access tab has option to
select fe_groups to app...


08:54 freeCap CAPTCHA Bug #81736 (Resolved): sr_freecap is not working in IE 11.0.9600.18015 of Windows 7 when page open in popup/lightbox
When form is open in popup/lightbox in IE of windows7 captcha is not properly working.
We debug and found its due to...


12:57 DRC News Comment Bug #80108 (Resolved): Missing persistence storagePid in TypoScript setup
It is already added in setup.txt
Please let us know if there is problem with setting storage pid for module.
12:51 DRC News Comment Bug #79786 (Resolved): Request parameters could not be validated (&cHash comparison failed)
Realurl problem resolved with latest version news_comment 1.0.7
Also suggested realurl settings added in manual.
12:47 DRC News Comment Bug #80111 (Resolved): New comment not visible after reload the page if chaching is active and storagepid is defined
Solved with latest version news_comment 1.0.7


13:09 DRC News Comment Support #78569 (Resolved): Uncaught TYPO3 Exception in Backend Module by creating new comment
Thanks for your comment.
Currently, News Comment module does not contain functionality for creating new comment in ba...

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