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16:39 TYPO3 Core Bug #90142: Update reference index
Hi Nicole, sorry, i missed to update my TYPO3 9.5 test server - version 9.5.10. Shame on me ... After updating to ver...


12:28 TYPO3 Core Bug #90142 (Needs Feedback): Update reference index
* Load pdf file in file module
* make new content element (e.g. text)
* link the headline to the new uploaded pdf f...


18:20 TYPO3 Core Feature #17406: Page type Shortcut with anchor points
I agree: would be useful.


15:30 TYPO3 Core Bug #80903: Relative links with old <link> syntax are not converted to <a href> in upgrade wizard...
Is there any time line for this bug? In TYPO3 9 the problem got worse because the relative links in <link> vanish fro...


17:25 TYPO3 Core Bug #87105: Canonical - not "parameter-save"
Please reopen this bug - it is not fixed yet. I tried with TYPO3 9.5.10 and Introduction package:


15:04 TYPO3 Core Feature #88242: Make canonical optional
I would strongly support the solution with typoscript. I am updating an number of old TYPO3 installations end ends up...


15:51 TYPO3 Core Feature #63011: Implement "clear cache of page and all sub pages" by correct tagging, use in temp...
It would be a handy feature. Until TYPO3 7 i used the extension sm_clearcachecm for this use case, but the extension ...


20:13 TYPO3 Core Bug #86055: pages.slug always removes the trailing slash
Same in TYPO3 9.5.3: Slug with trailing slash (/myslug/) results in 404.


18:29 TYPO3 Core Bug #83795: &nbsp; in the tables with <ol> or <ul>
Same Problem here (TYPO3 8.7 latest version). The two lines from Oliver fixed the problems. No side effects until now...


19:33 Localization Manager (l10nmgr) Bug #83061 (Resolved): self closing tag <br /> in RTE wrong
the self closing tag <br /> in ckeditor is written in this way: <br /> (with blank!). It is saved in the database als...

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