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17:40 Core Bug #77782 (Resolved): Styling glitch when having a select with size=1, minitems=0, maxitems=1
Applied in changeset commit:046eee825097f65088c932c5bc5fa3198ac81b80.
17:36 Core Revision 046eee82: [BUGFIX] Check size for data related field for multiple select
If a multiple select has size equals 1, don't add it
to the data related field.
Resolves: #77782
Releases: master


16:00 Core Task #77814 (Resolved): remove sword_prev_include functionality from indexed search
Applied in changeset commit:eb8bcd155782c02ba94efc0f12654e449036bd11.
15:58 Core Revision eb8bcd15: [!!!][TASK] Remove feature subsearch from indexed search
Remove feature subsearch which enabled the possibility
to append previously searched words to current query.
15:42 Core Bug #38496 (Resolved): Redirect of a shortcut does not take all URL parameters into account
Applied in changeset commit:11e8de8d0d36982bdce6e2dc20db865f5df67c68.
15:30 Core Revision 11e8de8d: [!!!][BUGFIX] Add all parameters to a shortcut page
Except for type and configured linkVars, all other
parameters from a shortcut page were ignored and this
patch adds "...
15:00 Core Bug #77769 (Resolved): Indexed search form isn't in the "New content element" wizard
Applied in changeset commit:5ace1b8e786ecf13af484eae1ad59a4b6b82f63d.
14:50 Core Revision 5ace1b8e: [BUGFIX] Adds search form to new CE wizard
Adds the new extbase / fluid indexed search form / result
content element in the new content element wizard
13:00 Core Bug #77768 (Resolved): Indexed search misses typoscripts constants to set targetPid and rootPidList
Applied in changeset commit:d82e8e162b2975421c3573b0ebf91e24e0aa2658.
12:33 Core Revision d82e8e16: [BUGFIX] Adds typoscripts constants targetPid and rootPidList
Adds typoscripts constants targetPid and rootPidList
for indexed_search.
Resolves: #77768
Releases: master

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