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23:25 TYPO3 Core Bug #99807 (Resolved): Initial url for ModifyUrlForCanonicalTagEvent
Applied in changeset commit:a4f96a98dd8a3f13c4fb20016b940fd632e69b3d. Bastien Lutz
23:21 TYPO3 Core Revision a4f96a98: [!!!][FEATURE] Always allow listeners to manipulate the canonical URL
The ModifyUrlForCanonicalTagEvent is now always dispatched at the
end of the generation process, just before the tag ...
Bastien Lutz


20:42 TYPO3 Core Feature #101567 (Closed): Autoregister Console Command via PHP Attribute
It would be nice to be able to register console commands via php attributes (e.g. #[BackendController]) like BackendC... Bastien Lutz


13:50 TYPO3 Core Bug #99807 (Resolved): Initial url for ModifyUrlForCanonicalTagEvent
The ModifyUrlForCanonicalTagEvent event is dispatched before the canonical url is generated.
Therefore if you want ...
Bastien Lutz


01:10 TYPO3 Core Feature #99169 (Resolved): As an admin, I want to filter for BE Usergroups in the BE User Modul
Applied in changeset commit:9522763ba31157d0bc73967a5d236ce927905e9e. Bastien Lutz
01:08 TYPO3 Core Revision 9522763b: [FEATURE] Add filter for backend user groups
The backend module "Backend Users" now has a filter
for backend user groups that can filter by name or group
Bastien Lutz


14:05 TYPO3 Core Feature #99055 (Resolved): Tag BackendController via PHP Attribute
Applied in changeset commit:0ee0b951183b3b36679228e96c701cb409e4d987. Bastien Lutz
14:01 TYPO3 Core Revision 0ee0b951: [FEATURE] Introduce PHP attribute based backend controller registration
Backend controller had to be registered in the extension
`Services.yaml` file with tag `backend.controller`.
This ch...
Bastien Lutz


21:50 TYPO3 Core Task #99054 (Resolved): Array unflatten method
Applied in changeset commit:111535b5ce54ac45e60386a8f01848070802c330. Bastien Lutz
21:47 TYPO3 Core Revision 111535b5: [TASK] Introduce new functions to ArrayUtility and StringUtility
New helper methods are added to allow
to do the reverse of flattenPlain() in ArrayUtility,
that is ArrayUtility::unfl...
Bastien Lutz

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