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13:33 Core Bug #80508: wizard_link does not invoke the change JS in FlexForm
In addition this issue is valid also for the input fields in a standard record.
Sometimes, after copy/paste a text a...


16:23 Core Feature #80557 (Under Review): Adding dbType "time" to support native SQL time column type
It would be great to have a new possibility for the "dbType" TCA property: "time".
With this, it will be poss...


10:47 Core Bug #56060: TCA type inline readOnly
Yes, I can confirm this bug...


13:24 Core Bug #79852: Update date in lang module
On a fresh install of TYPO3 8.7-dev it's the same.
If you see my first screen, the date is fine. But on the second s...


15:37 Core Bug #79852: Update date in lang module
I forgot to precis, the format is false after a language upgrade...
09:35 Core Bug #79852 (Needs Feedback): Update date in lang module
After updating a language pack with the language module, an updated date is shown.
The format is strange and ...
08:42 Resize images automatically Bug #79850 (Closed): Fatal in extension configuration
With TYPO3 8.6, when you try to edit the extension configuration, you get this fatal error :...


14:30 Core Bug #79551: Takes care of localization of tt_content_defValues
To answer Tymoteusz on Gerrit, an example of use case.
If I set this in my TypoScript configuration something like...
14:06 Core Bug #79551 (Resolved): Takes care of localization of tt_content_defValues
If I set a @tt_content_defValues@ in the TypoScript configuration with a value localizable, the controller of ...


10:58 Core Task #79334 (Resolved): Remove the property "fixedRows" for None column.
The property "fixedRows" is not use anymore in the core, the documentation on this property in a None TCA colu...

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