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11:02 Dynamic Content Elements (DCE) Bug #82801: Empty DIVs in combination with DCE-Container
Jup, it's merged and released in version 1.5.2.
Maybe the bug still exists :/


16:13 Dynamic Content Elements (DCE) Bug #84948 (Closed): File upload not working in new sections
hi. I fear, that there is no possibility to fix this. Flexforms are treated pretty stepmotherly by core team.


12:30 Minifier for TYPO3 Bug #82082 (Accepted): Error with spamprotectet mail and rsaauth
12:30 Minifier for TYPO3 Feature #82570 (Accepted): Remove empty lines
The options `stripTwoLinesToOne` and `stripNewLines` could be fixed... they seems to be a little inconsistently.
12:24 Minifier for TYPO3 Bug #82866 (Rejected): Possibility to protect additional comments from stripComments (like protec...
> The protectCode option doesn't work as it restores the code prior to strip comments which makes sense.
Does it m...
12:22 Minifier for TYPO3 Bug #82867 (Closed): TER version - move vendor folder and remove unnecessary files (like Vagrantf...
I've got no automated process to build TER release, for EXT:min. But I try to think about such files, before creating...
12:20 Minifier for TYPO3 Bug #82868 (Accepted): stripDoubleSpaces & stripTwoLinesToOne are not protected by protectCode en...
You are right! Thanks for reporting.
12:18 Minifier for TYPO3 Support #82870 (Closed): stripNewLines / stripTabs: might remove too much
You can prevent compression of parts in html code using the protectedCode setting:...
12:15 Minifier for TYPO3 Bug #83818 (Resolved): Usage of PATH_SITE instead of PATH_site in \InstituteWeb\Min\Minifier resu...
12:14 Minifier for TYPO3 Bug #84904 (Rejected): Adding own plugin.tx.min config to own theme ext does not overwrite the st...

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