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23:35 Direct Mail Bug #65813 (Rejected): Records from tt_address_group are not fetched
this has to be abandoned, since the current tt_address doesn't have any category.
See #44353
23:15 Direct Mail Bug #64537 (Resolved): Distribution time date picker is not working
23:14 Direct Mail Revision 28891015: [BUGFIX] 64537: Datepicker not working
Path to datepicker was wrong.
Resolves: #64537
Releases: 4.0
Change-Id: I5cc3d9ad753d3d4f24c091bda64b96f50b624faf


15:34 Direct Mail Bug #66516 (Needs Feedback): Direct Mail Runs with Typo3 version 7?
not tested. Feel free to test it and report any problem found :)


09:39 buzz.typo3.org Bug #65988: TYPO3 not correctly configured for HTTPS
following are fixed:
# baseURL
# searchbox: the search term will be redirect correctly to www.typo3.org/search/
# ...


23:07 Direct Mail Bug #65915 (Resolved): Misspelling in documentation
Applied in changeset commit:460c14d4c3de21655b8741abf2f8f33ce3d18402.
22:43 Direct Mail Revision 460c14d4: [TASK] typo correction in documentation
fix typo in documentation
Resolves: #65915
Releases: 4.0
Change-Id: I744f972e4699c8b09b124373bd3db56f11f99a91
22:37 Direct Mail Bug #65643 (Needs Feedback): When sending inline images from "external Pages" they are corrupted
if I get you correctly:
* Newsletter is external, not in the TYPO3 installation
* Images are sent as attachment in ...
22:32 Direct Mail Bug #65811 (Resolved): PHP Warning in "recipients list" module when static recipient list exists
22:31 Direct Mail Revision 4e6ad195: [BUGFIX] php warning on double releasing sql result
remove double sql_free_result, which triggers php warning
Resolves: #65811
Releases: 4.0
Change-Id: Idab6c542371a9ca...

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