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17:55 tc_beuser Task #60012 (Resolved): Refactor (namespacing and new folder structure)
done in version 2.0.0
17:53 tc_beuser Bug #62737 (Closed): Fatal Error in Version 2.0.0 - Failed opening required '.../ext/tc_beuser/cl...
can't reproduce this. please reopen in "github":https://github.com/dkd/tc_beuser/issues if the issue is still persist.
17:49 tc_beuser Bug #66531 (Resolved): Problems with more than 100 editors
Problem is not with the limitation, but with the paginator. The next button missing token parameter. This is fixed. S...


16:22 Direct Mail Bug #62625 (Resolved): Remember selected recipient groups
thanks for the report. Regression is fixed. See https://git.typo3.org/TYPO3CMS/Extensions/direct_mail.git/commitdiff/...
16:21 Direct Mail Revision d7d45c30: [BUGFIX] regression: syntax error
fix regression. PHP syntax error is fixed
Resolves: #62625
Releases: 4.0
Change-Id: Iabc08a6366cc41e888d128f45c095c1...
15:55 Direct Mail Bug #62625 (In Progress): Remember selected recipient groups


23:00 Direct Mail Bug #66795 (Needs Feedback): Statistics module: Regular expression for finding links ignores link...
any patches to solve this?
22:58 Direct Mail Bug #67088 (Closed): Module/Statistics.php uses GeneralUtility::testInt instead of MathUtility::c...
already fixed in Git. please check master.
22:57 Direct Mail Bug #67184 (Needs Feedback): CSV Import / error by importing 10.000 adresses
10K adresses are indeed too much. direct_mail converts the csv file in an array and uses another array to check if an...
22:41 Direct Mail Bug #67398: Emails were sent multiple times
can you find any irregularities in mail server log? or server log (mysql)?
I suspect something wrong with mysql. d...

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