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20:33 Direct Mail Bug #78115 (Closed): Detailed information not changeable in step 2
please create issue in https://github.com/kartolo/direct_mail/issues
I'm closing this


17:47 Direct Mail Bug #77938 (Rejected): Setting subject for testnewsletters does not work


21:16 Direct Mail Revision 86c4528b: Merge branch '3l73-master'
Change-Id: Ibd1e3085564f6b0d728ab3f6742f3eaaa4846510
21:03 Direct Mail Revision 9dbbde8c: Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/3l73/direct_mail into 3l73-master
Change-Id: I2b9329861e0f1d9296a3940a476e708d813459a8
20:59 Direct Mail Revision df47489e: Merge pull request #26 from kraftb/master
Updated PHP version requirement


21:18 Direct Mail Revision 1b811bb5: Merge pull request #9 from beechit/Improve_createFromDraft
[BUGFIX] Don't schedule draft mail if fetching new content failed


23:19 Direct Mail Revision aff4b9de: Merge pull request #20 from salnhan/master
[FIX] Removed de locallang files
23:15 Direct Mail Bug #76609: Unsubscribe in newsletter does not work when using jump urls
Wiebke Lauke wrote:
> I have an unsubscribe link like http://www.domain.de/index.php?id=804&cmd=delete&aC=###SYS...
23:11 Direct Mail Bug #77771 (Closed): with simulate_usergroup != 0 the content could not be fetched
ok, I will close this and reply in github
23:10 Direct Mail Task #73727: Rewrite returnmail.sh
Please test this one. Bounce Mail handling is now run per scheduler.
* Check if PHP IMAP module is install...

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