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16:41 Direct Mail Bug #75931 (Under Review): PDF rendering of docs in docs.typo3.org
PDF rendering needs extra setting to be set. See https://docs.typo3.org/Overview/PdfFiles.html


14:39 Direct Mail Subscription Revision 77ba9fe0: [BUGFIX] added third and fourth parameter on getParsedData().
In TYPO3 6.2 the third and fourth parameter are not optional.
This fixes Github #6
Releases: master
Change-Id: I0ede...
14:34 Direct Mail Subscription Revision ee4fcfc1: [BUGFIX] changed the class initialising, since notation only for PHP 5.5
This fixes Github #5
Releases: master
Change-Id: If36c1ab5ad665be6f0cba471c6b4e9121c18b7c4
14:30 Direct Mail Subscription Revision f6d6af3b: [BUGFIX] replace includeLibs from first level to the USER_INT cObject.
This fixes Github #4
Releases: master
Change-Id: I00c2f6f4e2e817a66974a33061630b0ca29b98b8


16:31 Direct Mail Bug #74494 (Resolved): Saving and Closing a new dmail doesn't save parameters
Applied in changeset commit:455fcf58b732dfc9cc1eb1e2604b89f730b583ad.
16:23 Direct Mail Revision 455fcf58: [BUGFIX] Fix returnUrl given to TCE in step 2
returnUrl shouldn't use the REQUEST_URI,
since new dmail object will be created
Resolves: #74494
Releases: master


18:27 Direct Mail Revision 2ca5af05: Merge pull request #5 from webian/fixicon
[BUGFIX] Fix missing icon in Statistics module


15:34 Direct Mail Revision 70fa054f: Merge pull request #6 from taywa/master
add first_name and last_name field of tt_address to the default


16:54 Direct Mail Subscription Revision 0c4b00ab: [BUGFIX] fix wrong path in composer.json
Releases: master
Change-Id: I77a1976faf66202669aa80eb3c31121fc979e299


00:01 Direct Mail Bug #74040 (Resolved): Class MediumDocumentTemplate not found
Applied in changeset commit:85238a5a19f859f95afdfd83a270fb1ae4b32ed3.

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