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23:00 Direct Mail Bug #66795 (Needs Feedback): Statistics module: Regular expression for finding links ignores link...
any patches to solve this?
22:58 Direct Mail Bug #67088 (Closed): Module/Statistics.php uses GeneralUtility::testInt instead of MathUtility::c...
already fixed in Git. please check master.
22:57 Direct Mail Bug #67184 (Needs Feedback): CSV Import / error by importing 10.000 adresses
10K adresses are indeed too much. direct_mail converts the csv file in an array and uses another array to check if an...
22:41 Direct Mail Bug #67398: Emails were sent multiple times
can you find any irregularities in mail server log? or server log (mysql)?
I suspect something wrong with mysql. d...
22:19 Direct Mail Bug #67887: Invoke Mailer Engine results in an error: Unable to open file for reading
what should I do then?


11:33 Direct Mail Bug #64292 (Resolved): Non-static method TYPO3\CMS\Frontend\Page\PageRepository::enableFields()
Applied in changeset commit:7d5179c1de7dede358492ba7e49ecfdd654a36f2.
11:32 Direct Mail Revision 7d5179c1: [BUGFIX] PHP warning on calling non-static method
fixed on how non-static method enableFields() is called.
Resolves: #64292
Releases: 4.1
Change-Id: I4cad294ec5c98ef6...


23:14 Direct Mail Suggestion #64117 (Rejected): static Recipient list are not working because of double sql-object ...
see #65811
23:13 Direct Mail Bug #64450 (Needs Feedback): direct mail sends no html ,messages
you wrote about a missing field in tt_address, but in your SQL you changed the SQL for fe_users.
if it's about tt_...
22:28 Direct Mail Bug #63988 (Resolved): Upgrade to 4.0.1: Direct Mail unable to fetch HTML pages
patch from #66506 is merged. closing this one

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