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18:09 Direct Mail Subscription Bug #60312 (Resolved): TYPO3 6.2 getTreeList
Applied in changeset commit:f34ffe7c7a5394718609906eb03ef3fcfa1d82be.
17:53 Direct Mail Subscription Bug #60312: TYPO3 6.2 getTreeList
just merged this to git. Please check https://git.typo3.org/TYPO3CMS/Extensions/direct_mail_subscription.git
17:52 Direct Mail Subscription Revision f34ffe7c: [BUGFIX] fixed static call getTreeList
getTreeList shouldn't called statically.
Resolves: #60312
Releases: 2.0
Change-Id: I874e9f5b3ea2d7758dca7ae099fcfe0d...


22:01 Direct Mail Task #71764 (Resolved): Add composer.json
Applied in changeset commit:7957378eaf039abed1c3b79f555957c40f4f0f54.
21:46 Direct Mail Revision 7957378e: [TASK] added composer.json
composer.json is added to the extension directory.
Also added class loading in emconf.php
Resolves: #71764
21:26 Direct Mail Task #71764 (Resolved): Add composer.json
add composer.json


12:00 Direct Mail Bug #67398: Emails were sent multiple times
@Patrick: are you sure that no parallel jobs trigger the direct_mail? in Crontab or cron.d thare should be only one j...


23:31 Direct Mail Bug #71194 (Resolved): Remove deprecated DocumentTemplate spacer
Applied in changeset commit:0b2b6ec44fda393af2fc7a45caca7e645b8cdcd3.
23:26 Direct Mail Revision 0b2b6ec4: [TASK] remove spacer() call
Swap all convert() method usage with div tag and padding
to create space in module. See #71153 in forge
Resolves: #7...


22:53 Direct Mail Task #71615 (New): Cleanup Release 5.0
* clean up deprecated method call
* recreate icon in 16*16 px
* convert Locallang xml to xlf
* PSR-2 code style

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