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22:59 Direct Mail Subscription Revision 6b8ada9d: Merge branch 'master' into develop
Change-Id: Id4c1750f54defe9eaf61537fcb789d877ec539fc


22:02 Direct Mail Subscription Bug #76355 (Resolved): Classes folder missing
Applied in changeset commit:8792d0731d159ea609d38b58427aa91defffdeda.
22:02 Direct Mail Subscription Bug #74534 (Resolved): Loading of language file doesn't work after update to 2.0.3
Applied in changeset commit:f1829fb14cf14e91b13ec542209f308cf07f5151.
21:57 Direct Mail Subscription Revision 8792d073: [BUGFIX] add empty Classes folder
Added an empty Classes folder. It looks like, that
TYPO3 package manager tries to find and scan Classes folder
21:39 Direct Mail Subscription Revision f1829fb1: [BUGFIX] change obsolete locallang reference
in code locallang files are still referenced with
xml extension. there are changed to xlf
Resolves: #74534
21:23 Direct Mail Subscription Support #75419 (Closed): Category not listing using cObject CATLIST
fixed in master. see https://github.com/kartolo/direct_mail_subscription/issues/4
21:22 Direct Mail Subscription Bug #75607 (Closed): Version 2.0.3 not compatible with PHP 5.4
fixed already in master. see https://github.com/kartolo/direct_mail_subscription/issues/5


15:03 Direct Mail Bug #76609 (Needs Feedback): Unsubscribe in newsletter does not work when using jump urls
does the link work, if you disable the jumpurl?


22:43 Direct Mail Bug #76338: Direct Mail Extension not translated
translations are updated. please try to fetch the translation from Backend.
08:41 Direct Mail Bug #76338 (Closed): Direct Mail Extension not translated
translation is uploaded to translation.typo3.org

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