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13:53 Core Bug #65743 (New): IRRE File Reference allowed extensions are case sensitive
Steps to Reproduce:
1. Use Chrome 41 on current master (7.2-dev, bd6a816908f7d377d88057ce0b7208d033a5ecb3)
2. Cre...


10:26 Core Bug #65311 (Resolved): Moving records in page module "hangs"
NOTE: This is an issue for TYPO3 7.1. Please re-assign the version once available.
When moving records in the page...


09:05 typo3.org and community tools Bug #65246 (New): Calendar Spam on typo3.org
The community events are sprinkled with spam entries
For example:


12:13 Core Bug #64580: ObjectAccess::getGettablePropertyNames name is misleading
Same behaviour in Flow. (https://git.typo3.org/Packages/TYPO3.Flow.git/blob/HEAD:/Classes/TYPO3/Flow/Reflection/Objec...
11:49 Core Bug #64580 (New): ObjectAccess::getGettablePropertyNames name is misleading
This convenience method should just return the names of _existing_ properties.
What it does is just returning a bu...


12:07 Core Feature #62023 (Under Review): Allow script tags to have custom attributes
This is primarily intended to be used with **async** and **defer** attributes which allow non-blocking rendering in t...


10:00 Introduction Package Bug #59645 (Resolved): Add a TYPO3_6-2 branch
Hi there,
Please add a TYPO3_6-2 branch to the official Distribution repository at https://git.typo3.org/TYPO3CMS/...


20:44 Core Revision ef40b213: [BUGFIX] Fix Misleading CommandController naming for Language update
Due to CommandControllers' nature, an UpdateCommandController leads to the
execution of `cli_dispatch.phpsh extbase u...


16:39 TCA Reference Bug #54481 (Resolved): Extending the TCA: The target file should be mentioned
Applied in changeset commit:e0f22d80a461ebfa5a2493b088ff0b292320c11c.
16:10 TCA Reference Revision e0f22d80: [TASK] Mention the file for inserting TCA columns
The target file is mentioned way later in the document.
This change makes it obvious.
Resolves: #54481
Releases: 6.2...

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