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23:48 TYPO3 Core Task #59756 (Rejected): Add constants for environment variables for better IDE integration
Instead of calling GeneralUtility::getIndpEnv('VAR_AS_STRINGS') I would suggest to add constants for better IDE integ...


19:14 Magnific Popup Task #55368 (Resolved): Add hint to documentation regarding gallery view of single page view for EXT:news
Hi Jonathan,
I wanted to activate the gallery view for tx_news single-view with default template and added “.news-...


20:10 TYPO3.Flow Bug #38381 (Resolved): Doctrine Repository | findAll()-method does not consider $this->defaultOrderings
The findAll()-method of TYPO3\FLOW3\Persistence\Doctrine\Repository does not consider $this->defaultOrderings. A simp...


19:01 TYPO3.FormBuilder Bug #36112 (Resolved): change filename spelling corresponig to #33705
Some filenames an direcoty names have been changed in the TYPO3.FLOW3 package. All references to the changed parts ha...


18:19 T3 jQuery Feature #11842 (Resolved): Loading libraries from CDN
Nice Extension!!! I was wondering if it's possible to load the library files from a CDN. After having a quick look in...

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