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10:42 Simple FAQ Bug #81559: Missing index in CategoryGroupWise Partial
Oops, you are right. This Bug is in js_faq not in your extension.
Sorry, just delete the issue...
10:24 Simple FAQ Bug #81559 (New): Missing index in CategoryGroupWise Partial
The line...


16:52 Extension Builder Bug #81259 (Rejected): Bug in generated listAction() with PLURAL ending "s"
The pluralizing only works with english words. It's a good practice to use english words when coding anyway...


02:04 Extension Builder Bug #76146 (Closed): Extension could not be saved: Could not write ext_tables.sql, error: Could n...
02:03 Extension Builder Task #76283 (Resolved): Dont't remove short syntax for arrays
Shorthand syntax is default now:
02:01 Extension Builder Bug #77315 (Resolved): CSS theme styles are not applied
02:01 Extension Builder Bug #77316 (Resolved): Fluid writes htmlentities encoded characters in PHP files
Use raw view helper
02:00 Extension Builder Bug #78889 (Resolved): Remove NOT NULL options without default value
Fixed with
02:00 Extension Builder Task #78913 (Resolved): Avoid usage of $_EXTKEY, $_EXTCONF
Fixed with
01:08 Extension Builder Bug #79529 (Needs Feedback): wrong config for backend templates paths
Which version did you use? This was fixed in commit:8f3af1b42237e

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