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12:36 Extension Builder Bug #66191: Wrong TCA entry for file fields
The field for the file allowed extensions is only visible in advanced mode (can be enabled in upper right corner per ...


08:14 Extension Builder Bug #62117 (Resolved): Multi-file field modifies sys_file_reference
Applied in changeset commit:7aef160a177dbef510c9e74f722e15e7b7cce051.
08:14 Extension Builder Task #64837 (Resolved): Only generate needed files
Applied in changeset commit:1f86f6e1e705e1ef826a8f93c76285b3f4b09a9a.
08:04 Extension Builder Revision 7aef160a: [BUGFIX] Don't add relation field to sys_file_reference
Resolves: #62117
Releases: 6.2,7.0,7.1
Change-Id: I373ec425c9f6618d09c7293e6b4f9a42fa2eb61f
Reviewed-on: http://revi...
08:04 Extension Builder Revision 1f86f6e1: [TASK] Don't generate unneeded files
Resolves: #64837
Releases: 6.2,7.0,7.1
Change-Id: I0588c13812be383a5153ee39f82323ed74e82f33
Reviewed-on: http://revi...
01:44 Extension Builder Bug #59697 (Resolved): new Action should not add method params
Applied in changeset commit:af371f34ea42d854e42ba4e3dff9e8d43d25bd96.
01:44 Extension Builder Bug #66409 (Resolved): Wrong warning when loading new pipe
Applied in changeset commit:e744976e21254af4033fc24194c09e066e4fb77b.
01:29 Extension Builder Revision af371f34: [TASK] Remove parameter from newAction
Resolves: #59697
Releases: 6.2,7.0,7.1
Change-Id: Ic6292675c63f13914ef7f32e4a7987ef9056a8bf
Reviewed-on: http://revi...
01:27 Extension Builder Revision e744976e: [BUGFIX] Avoid wrong warning label
Resolves: #66409
Releases: 6.2,7.0,7.1
Change-Id: I7b785b94735fb5f461733fd007a6176f306fe1c7
Reviewed-on: http://revi...
01:22 Extension Builder Bug #66409 (Resolved): Wrong warning when loading new pipe
When loading a new pipe there is an untranslated warning

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