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Reported issues: 184


15:45 Extension Builder Bug #79015 (Rejected): Uncaught TYPO3 Exception #1289386765:
Duplicate of Issue #76416


06:24 Extension Builder Task #78913 (Accepted): Avoid usage of $_EXTKEY, $_EXTCONF


07:18 Extension Builder Bug #78894 (Accepted): Do not interpret new line characters
The problem with this is, that we generate most of the files with fluid templates, where a lot of superfluous empty l...


13:00 Extension Builder Bug #78889 (Accepted): Remove NOT NULL options without default value


08:15 Extension Builder Bug #71592 (Closed): [BUG] PHP-Parser Classes missing / composer mode on
I close this. I can't reproduce it. The provided patch seems inconsistent and the author did not respond to comments...


23:56 Extension Builder Bug #76198 (Resolved): No split token support for typoscript files (*.ts)
Fixed in commit:d0e7a42cbcbd
23:51 Extension Builder Bug #72731 (Closed): 404 Error when press the save button
23:51 Extension Builder Bug #73341 (Closed): Exception with extension_build 7.6.0 and TYPO3 7.6.3-dev
23:50 Extension Builder Bug #72920 (Closed): Wrong path to locallang_csh xlf file
21:30 Extension Builder Bug #76021 (Resolved): TCA: sys_language_uid -> language all is missing
Applied in changeset commit:612a79111706c13ff417c5c5b2aa8dbebdfc22e4.

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