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23:57 Extension Builder Feature #77464: extension_builder - Patch for FE plugin wizard
Can you please describe which problem this patch solves?


13:25 Extension Builder Bug #77315 (Accepted): CSS theme styles are not applied
10:26 Extension Builder Bug #77316 (Accepted): Fluid writes htmlentities encoded characters in PHP files
10:23 Extension Builder Bug #77315 (Accepted): CSS theme styles are not applied


23:31 Extension Builder Task #76283 (Accepted): Dont't remove short syntax for arrays
23:30 Extension Builder Bug #76908 (Closed): Portnumber not used while loading and saving the model
23:30 Extension Builder Task #77068 (Accepted): Keep Formatting after Save in Return Statement
I agree, but that is hard to implement, since white spaces are ignored by the parser and every place, where they shou...


07:22 Extension Builder Revision d0e7a42c: Add ts as typoscript file extension
Change-Id: I208034d79fa24f848366f2842e8ddc12f53c31b2
Reviewed-by: Oliver ...


08:47 Extension Builder Task #73223: PHP Warning: injectConfigurationManager should be compatible
\EBT\ExtensionBuilder\Configuration\ConfigurationManager extends \TYPO3\CMS\Extbase\Configuration\ConfigurationManage...


22:58 Extension Builder Bug #72920 (Needs Feedback): Wrong path to locallang_csh xlf file
I can't reproduce this. Can you? Or was it a single occurence?

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