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09:05 Extension Builder Task #69465 (Resolved): Remove deprecated flash message render mode
Applied in changeset commit:4b72f53d28f21fc48ae73b2ffaec4b9c95af4b86.
08:43 Extension Builder Revision 4b72f53d: Remove renderMode attribute for flashMessages
Change-Id: Ib164fa17f943366605a308f4b5cfb737772100a1
Resolves: #69465
Releases: 7.5
Reviewed-on: http://review.typo3....


23:32 Extension Builder Revision 463e3b8b: Use new vendor name in fixture extension
Change-Id: I25f3f8c6443a13a210d729c25b43eba25020a337
Reviewed-by: Nico de ...
22:35 Extension Builder Bug #70188 (Resolved): Wrong spelling in composer.json
Applied in changeset commit:0dad25b55eae14b37e0481b9f231b4cc7f9c7e01.
22:12 Extension Builder Revision 0dad25b5: Update to version 7.5-dev
Resolves: #70188
Releases: 7.5
Change-Id: Ie1592de7f2089257f254d0894149377dc18f9c33
Reviewed-on: http://review.typo3...


00:03 Core Bug #64539: Module view paths configuration has no effect
I just tried to find the right configuration for the extensions generated by the the ExtensionBuilder:
For an extens...


23:01 Extension Builder Bug #69954 (Accepted): extenson with BE without FE
The configuration manager expects either:...
21:25 Extension Builder Feature #69780 (Accepted): add multi select properties
21:23 Extension Builder Bug #70031 (Needs Feedback): Wrong path to module URI after save
21:22 Extension Builder Bug #70031: Wrong path to module URI after save
Can't reproduce this:
The second url should look like this:

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