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10:45 Static Info Tables Bug #89356 (New): No installation possible with Composer
I'm still on TYPO3 7.6, meaning I have to use version 6.5 of static_info_tables.
But for some reason the composer ...
10:13 Static Info Tables Support #89323: invalid slot exception
Same problem here.
I'm on TYPO3 7.6.32, and installing static_info_tables 6.5.1 via composer gave me an error ("co...


08:36 Job Fair Bug #88364: Fatal error when sending application with attachment
Upon further review it was a server misconfiguration.
Jobfair is not to blame, sorry for opening this issue.


17:19 Job Fair Bug #88364 (New): Fatal error when sending application with attachment
We're migrating a site that uses jobfair to a new server which runs PHP 7.2.
Jobfair seems to run fine until I try...


16:38 TYPO3 Core Bug #76308: Ext:form - Drag fields into a fieldset not working
I disabled the fieldset, along with other fields we don't use.
Not a real solution, but now it won't bother me anymo...


11:19 TYPO3 Core Feature #50375: Migration from "old" mailforms to "new" form extension
I added some missing field types to the script from Benjamin, and created a very basic extension (See attached file)....


14:01 Job Fair Suggestion #85110 (New): Option that disables saving of applications
Now that the General Data Protection Regulation is in effect in the European Union, another option to disable the sav...


11:38 TYPO3 Core Bug #79915 (Closed): Access Module: Page owner not preselected in Change-User-Dropdown
There seems to be an bug in the function renderUserSelector (/typo3/sysext/beuser/Classes/Controller/PermissionAjaxCo...


11:31 TYPO3 Core Bug #41629: TYPO3-Workspaces height of iframe to small
This happens to us on TYPO3 7.6.15 too, and we usually don't use frontend logins.
Also, our backend runs on another d...


12:56 Faceted Search Bug #68666: Class 'tx_kesearch_lib' not found after flushing system caches
FYI: Just ran into this problem again (TYPO3 7.6.15, ke_search 2.4.1), but after deleting the files in /typo3temp/aut...

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