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12:48 TYPO3 Core Bug #23613: submit FE login form twice to log in
I can still reproduce this issue with Chrome (v15) and TYPO3 4.5.7 (also the older TYPO3 4.5.4).


11:52 TYPO3 Core Bug #29151 (Closed): Update page tree after clicking on search result
When you type in a keyword in the field "Enter search term" and click on a result in the drop down list, the record i...
10:13 TYPO3 Core Feature #29147 (Closed): Perform database upgrades after extension update
When a extension is updated via the Extension Manager it ends in the "Extension import results" view.
If there are a...


13:01 Commerce Coupons Bug #8604: Negative basket sums are possible when using coupon type money
We decided to use commerce because there is a coupon extension. But it is not TYPO3 4.5 compatible and the patches ar...


10:02 TYPO3.Flow Bug #7426: Catch fatal error message when running PHP < 5.3
Hi Karsten,...


15:16 Bug #7433 (Closed): No changes in Redmine "My account" possible
Firstname and Lastname are required fields in Redmine, but are hidden to me in
Since the Firstname ...
13:28 TYPO3.Flow Bug #7426 (Resolved): Catch fatal error message when running PHP < 5.3
I thought that I have PHP 5.3 installed but got a fatal error message instead of FLOW3 welcome message.
Finally I re...


13:50 TYPO3 Core Bug #17083 (Closed): no alternative default value possible in checkboxes
It's not possible to set a a value in a FORM checkbox.
The value field is used for making it checked=checked.

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