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06:04 TYPO3 Core Bug #100583 (Resolved): f:form -Viewhelper: Argument "addQueryString" not working
The f:form viewhelper has the argument "addQueryString". In TYPO3 V12 it has no effect anymore. All additional GET pa... Marcus Schwemer


17:16 TYPO3 Core Bug #100176: Translations not available in v12.2 when using language key with country in site config
Thanks for filing this issue. I can confirm it. Same behavior here.
Marcus Schwemer


14:17 TYPO3 Core Feature #100036: felogin migration documentation missing
Dear Christoph
long time, no talk or read :-) (and even no coffee and beer)
Regarding the changes in EXT:felogi...
Marcus Schwemer


15:17 TYPO3 Core Task #99066 (New): Module "Backend User": Refactor controllers
Most functionality of the backend module reside in a single controller.
It would be cleaner to split that into co...
Marcus Schwemer
14:57 TYPO3 Core Feature #99065 (New): Module "Backend User": Add view for backend user group details
There is a (quite hidden) detail view for backend user details.
It would be useful to add such a view also for b...
Marcus Schwemer
09:36 TYPO3 Core Task #99059 (New): Improve module "beusers"
The module beusers can be improved:
* Use two buttons for user creation "Create admin" / "Create user"
* Add blue...
Marcus Schwemer


09:37 TYPO3 Core Feature #99038 (Closed): Overview for filemounts
There is no "easy" way to get an overview where filemounts are used.
Solution is to provide a submodule in the ba...
Marcus Schwemer


14:44 TYPO3 Core Bug #91984: Extension configuration prefills from AdditionalConfiguration and saves values to LocalConfiguration, behaving different than the normal configuration UI
I can confirm this issue. Marcus Schwemer


14:07 TYPO3 Core Feature #98374 (New): [UI] Translating sys_file_metadata
When translating or editing sys_file_metatdata, all siteconfigurations are shown in the language selector at the top.... Marcus Schwemer


10:09 TYPO3 Core Bug #94603: int-validation in TCA does not accept empty value, when lower-range is defined
Reason are these two commits:
Marcus Schwemer

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