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10:02 TYPO3 Core Bug #82514 (Resolved): EXT: FORM - For date fields placeholder the date format is used instead of...
When adding a field of type date, there is no option to add a specific placeholder value as you can do in other field...


15:53 TYPO3 Core Bug #76943 (New): In new BE extbase extension records sys_language_uid is set to -1 by default bu...
If I create a new extbase record in a 7.6.9 backend the default sys_language_uid is set to -1 which is all languages....


10:43 Budget 2013 Discussion: RE: FLOW3 Shop
I think some basic extensions, mostly any site is using anyhow, should be considered worth financing. For example new...


18:19 pw_comments Bug #38885 (Resolved): action "create" (controller "Comment") is not allowed by this plugin
Reason is the switchableControllerActions behaviour has changed.
In order to get old behaviour you need additional...
18:09 pw_comments Bug #38883 (Resolved): Fluid ViewHelper Depreciated
In Template ViewHelper „textbox“ is despreciated and throws an error in 4.7.x.
It needs to be replaced by "textfield".


14:22 TYPO3 Core Bug #17187: cache_hash gets filled up with menudata entries while using TMENU_LAYERS
Same problem on 4.0 and after upgrade to 4.1.5 with GMENU and GEMNU-Layer. cash_hash table gets filled up with MENUDA...

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