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19:49 Digital Asset Management (DAM) Bug #54149 (Resolved): metaExtract service call
DAM seems to look for metaExtract services using the media_type "id" (e.g. for images it is "2").
This was introdu...


16:29 TYPO3 Core Bug #43893: selected = 1 doesn't work in class.tslib_content_form.php
I can confirm this. The same problem exists in TYPO3 v4.7.
The suggested fix works for me, too.


21:39 mm_forum Bug #2010 (Resolved): M-ID\0000459: PM zeigt username
Applied in changeset r35997.


20:23 mm_forum Bug #10264 (Closed): Search function outputs error with Typo3 4.4.4
14:29 mm_forum Bug #10264 (Needs Feedback): Search function outputs error with Typo3 4.4.4
This was already fixed in r28855 and included in mm_forum 1.9.0 and newer. Which version of mm_forum are you using?


10:27 mm_forum Task #10138 (Resolved): Move geshi to res directory
Move geshi to res directory, because it is an external library we don't touch (
10:25 mm_forum Task #10137 (New): Clean up code (
Clean up code to match typo3 coding guide lines and resolve all warnings on
* PHP Mess Detection (co...


18:04 mm_forum Bug #7468: Some bugs into BBCodes
This was introduced in r14713, issue #2135 (Backend Modul Tools Syntax Highligthing).


12:53 mm_forum Bug #9305: RealURL 1.9 Problem with multi-page topics
Hi Steffen,
could you please verify that you are using tx_pagebrowse? The css class of the surrounding div tag in ...


00:13 mm_forum Bug #9371 (Closed): Avatar Upload seems no longer been functioning since 1.9.0

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