Bug #83913

Extension Manager installs extension although a warning is shown that dependencies could not be resolved

Added by Dirk Müller over 3 years ago. Updated over 3 years ago.

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When using the extension manager to install a lower version of an extension, which is not compatible with the current TYPO3 version, a warning is shown that dependencies could not be resolved. The user gets prompted to either cancel the installation or to proceed. In the background the lower version of the extension gets already installed, when cancelling the process the lower version is installed without the user knowing.

How to reproduce:
  • install compatible extension (e.g. gridelements 7.2.0) through extension manager
  • open extension manager, go to "Get Extensions" and choose to install an incompatible version of the extension (e.g. gridelements 3.4.0)
  • Cancel the "dependencies could not be resolved" warning
  • check the installed version of the extension in the extension manager

Tested on:
TYPO3 7.6.24
TYPO3 8.7.10

When installing an incompatible extension for the first time, cancelling actually cancels the process and the extension is not installed. This would be the expected behaviour when cancelling the installtion of a lower version as well.



Updated by Nicole Cordes over 3 years ago

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Hi Dirk,

Thank you for your report. I have tried to reproduce the problem you reported. Indeed the extension is downloaded (this needs to be done before dependency resolving) but actually is not installed. Would you mind to recheck if the extension is available AND really activated on your system.


Updated by Dirk Müller over 3 years ago

Hi Nicole,

I rechecked and went through the same process again. The extension is available and activated on the system. Attached you find screenshots of the several steps I performed. After cancelling the dependencies alert, the lower version of the extension is active. For the test I used a freshly installed TYPO3 8.7.10.

Is there any other information, that might be useful for you in order to reproduce the behaviour?


Updated by Nicole Cordes over 3 years ago

  • Status changed from Needs Feedback to New

Hi Dirk,

As I can see in your system you have an already installed gridelements Version before. In that case it is actually like this, that the new version is downloaded and overwrites your existing version. As the old version was active before, the new version is still activated (as the cancel button does nothing).

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