Feature #77532

Updated by Sascha Egerer about 5 years ago

The current implementation of the cropping tool does just support one cropping area. 
 For future features like "cropping area per viewport" we need the possibility to define multiple cropping areas. 

 This could be done on a key basis. So you can define multiple cropping keys and define a cropping area for each key. 

 For example: 
 The image is 100px100px 

 Cropping keys: 
 * mobile: y 10, x 10, w 40, h 40 
 * tablet: y 10, x 10, w 60, h 60 

 Original Ticket Text: 
 > Dear BE-Team, 

 it would be great to create different edits of one resource media file. The cropping feature is great, so it would be a great topping not to refer a media file twice to get two different cropping areas (e.g. headerimage and menuimage of the same > keyimage) but add a second edit of the media file. 

 Best wishes 
 > Martin