Feature #79438

Updated by Thomas Hohn over 7 years ago

This request has the aim to make in possible to disable the call to checkStoredRecord  
 when Insert/Updates are performed by the Datahandler. 

 As default the following configuration has been add to 

 'checkStoredRecords' => [ 
             'enable' => true, 
             'checkStoredRecordsLoose' => true 
 ], ],@ 

 This ensures that the original functionality is kept as today. If enable is set to false 
 the checkStoredRecord is NOT called on insert/updates and might lead to truncated 
 data in the database depending on the configuration of the database. 
 However a speed-up of a factor 2 can be achieved - and especially in the scenario 
 where exists page-tree are copied this can give a significant speedup. Since the 
 checkStoredRecord has a side-effect of loading the record - there might be situations 
 where [NO-Title] is written as element title in sys_log. However this must be considered 
 as a small trade-off to the speed gained.