Task #79515

Updated by Thomas Hohn over 4 years ago

At several places in the Datahandler class a call to doesRecordExist is followed immediately  
 with at call to BackendUtility::getRecordWSOL which then fetches the record. 
 Instead we wrap the functionality from doesRecordExist into a new method that returns 
 the row - with all the permissions checks performed. 
 Instead of calling BackendUtility::getRecordWSOL we add a new method  
 recordInfoWithPermissionCheck which returns the row instead of just true/false if 
 the record exists and is accessible. Afterwards the row is processed with a new method 
 getRecordWSOLWithRow which processes the just newly processed row. 

 The makes the flow simpler and saves an saves an sql-query - which will give a performance 
 enhancement when copying big sub-trees in the TYPO3 backend. 
 New issue for Datahandler...