Bug #79635

Updated by Thomas Hohn over 7 years ago

Squash calls to processDatamap_afterDatabaseOperations into one pr. table instead of one pr. 
 remapstack entry in @processRemapStack@ 


 Current situation in vanilla TYPO3 installation: 
 Create page with 1 tt_content element. Copy that page.  
 This triggers 1 call to processDatamap_afterDatabaseOperations for the page - but also 3 calls to processDatamap_afterDatabaseOperations for the tt_content element.  

 It would be better only to issue 1 call for the tt_content element with the "combined" processing array 
 since each subscriber would need to filter the other 2 calls if only the "signal" that a change 
 on the table has occurred. Today an extensive processing can occur for the additional calls.