Bug #83377

Updated by Sascha Egerer over 1 year ago

The reference index build for files via the soft reference indexer is broken.
The reference index entry is created with type @_FILE@ and the @ref_string@ is filled up with the uid of the @sys_file@ record.

How to reproduce:
# Create a Text Media Content element
# Add a text and link it to a file
# Run @cleanup:missingfiels@
vendor/bin/typo3 cleanup:missingfiles --update-refindex

Find all file references from records pointing to a missing (non-existing) file.

! [NOTE] Finding missing files referenced by TYPO3 requires a clean reference index (sys_refindex)

! [NOTE] Found 1 soft-referenced files that need manual repair.

* 108 - f9165d6906bdd2e6a6ea39f3f05a6957 - tt_content:9:bodytext::typolink_tag

Reference Index being Updated
3258 records from 102 tables were checked/updated.
Index Integrity was perfect!

The reference index will always be broken as the indexer tries to resolve the file path (ref_string) which is the id. So the missingfiles task will always report an error as it tries to find file @is_file(PATH_site . 108)@.

IMO the whole @_FILE@ stuff can be dropped from the reference index as there is only FAL from version 8. So all reference index stuff could be build based on database records. Removing all the @_FILE@ stuff will end up in normal databse relation checks which give the expected result as a file is internally also a database record (sys_file). Storing the file path and checking if that path is available does not really makes sense IMO if using a file abstraction layer.

Another option would be so create the refindex the same way as a native field does it.
If a link is created in a native link field (no soft ref index) the entry is created as type "_STRING" and the "ref_string" contains the "typolink".

hash tablename recuid field flexpointer softref_key softref_id sorting deleted workspace ref_table ref_uid ref_string
81fbe3b5f0f7195cbd7f27fea2c992c9 tt_content 9 header_link typolink 42d061dbe8503a03e71e5e002ed94c3a:0 -1 0 0 _STRING 0 t3://file?uid=108
f9165d6906bdd2e6a6ea39f3f05a6957 tt_content 9 bodytext typolink_tag 9 -1 0 0 _FILE 0 108