Bug #83877

Updated by Tim Jonas Pflaum over 1 year ago

False error code in Backend when tca userFunc calls the render function with a DebuggerUtility::var_dump($this->pageRenderer->getCompressJavascript());
This happened when we had a content element inside of another contentelement, which we do for our accordion.

<code class="php">
* Renders the Google map.
* @param array $parentArray
* @param UserElement $pObj
* @return string
* @throws \InvalidArgumentException
* @throws \BadFunctionCallException
public function render(array $parentArray, UserElement $pObj):string
$this->pageRenderer->addJsFile('EXT:extension_key/Resources/Public/Js/Maps.js', 'text/javascript', true, true);
$this->pageRenderer->addJsFile('https://maps.googleapis.com/maps/api/js?key=' . $this->apiKey . '&callback=myMapTCA', 'text/javascript', false, false, '', true);
return $this->getMapHtml($this->getConfiguration($parentArray));