Bug #89024

Updated by Lars Tode 3 months ago

This problem occurs when trigger @language:update@ as scheduler task.


# Got to @SYSTEM@ / @Scheduler@
# Create a new task of type @Execute console commands (scheduler)@
# Select command @language:update@
# Set locale to @en@ (or your current language)
# Save and close
# Execute task by click on the @Run task@

You will get following error

This exception is thrown in @\TYPO3\CMS\Install\Command\LanguagePackCommand::execute@ in line 58:
<pre><code class="php">
if (substr_count($input->getArgument('command'), ':') === 2) {

The argument @command@ seems not to exists in context of the @Run task@ command.

This issue could be solved by an additional test for that argument:
<pre><code class="php">
if ($input->hasArgument('command') && substr_count($input->getArgument('command'), ':') === 2) {

*Other tests*


Trigger the scheduler using the cli works without a problem.
# The command itself itselt did not lead to eny failures.



|*PHP*|7.2.21| |*PHP Version*|7.2.21|
|*TYPO3*|v9.5.9| |*TYPO3 Version*|v9.5.9|
|*Symfony Console*|v4.3.4|