Bug #92045

Updated by Christian Matthes almost 4 years ago

After updating to 9.5.20 the page treee shows all pages (type = standard, rootlevel = 1) standard) twice. 

 In my opinion this could be caused by following js error: 

 New in 9.5.20: call of "switchFocusNode" in  
 /sysext/backend/Resources/Public/JavaScript/PageTree/PageTree.js (line 342) 

 This is obviously backported from 10.4 (exists since 10.2). Unfortunately the definition of "switchFocusNode" didn't find its way back to 9.5.20. 
 It can be found in 10.2.0 in  
 /sysext/backend/Resources/Public/JavaScript/SvgTree.js (line 379) 

 I think not only the call but also the definition of function "switchFocusNode" should be present in 9.5.x