Bug #100462

Updated by Marcel Marty over 1 year ago

h1. Steps to reproduce: 

 # Set php.ini timezone to "Europe/Berlin" or "Europe/Zurich" 
 # Add a new task which is before time change in spring (mine was with start 23.03.2023 23:59) 
 # Change date of server to a date after the time change in Europe (e. g. 05.04.2023) 
 # Check the execution time in the scheduler (it changed from 23:59 to 0:59) 

 For me this is a bug, because the behavior cannot be expected. Tasks that were set in the "Europe/Berlin" or "Europe/Zurich" time zone must not change the start time, not even after the time change. If I create a task at 11:59 PM, then it needs to run at 11:59 PM after the time change, and not suddenly 1 hour later at 12:59 AM.