Bug #89872

Updated by Michael Telgkamp 4 months ago

The @title@ title attribute is not sufficient for an accessible tooltip. There are screen readers screenreaders that do not announce the title attribute and also users of mobile devices have not chance to see the tooltip. 

 Equally, the @aria-label@ attribute is not sufficient, as it does not show It would be nice to have a tooltip and is only announced for screen reader users. 

 Adding both attributes is also not optimal, as some assistive technologies announce the same twice, and touch device users still cannot access the title attribute. 

 We need a new, new globally available tooltip option, option that is accessible and can be used in cases where currently title attributes or other alternatives are used. 

 When the new solution is in place, all usages of the @title@ attribute and the @aria-label@ attribute should be checked and there should be a decision whether it should be changed to the tooltip solution or not.