Feature #98135

Updated by Nikita Hovratov 2 months ago

“A content block is defined as a small chunk of information, which is connected to a view and then rendered in the TYPO3 frontend.” 
 _The Structured Content Initiative_ 

 This feature describes merge of "EXT:mask": and "EXT:contentblocks_reg_api": as a TYPO3 core component "TYPO3 Content Blocks", in order to empower integrators/ developers with limited TYPO3 knowledge (e.g. beginners, frontend-only developers) to easily define CTypes via a configuration file or via a GUI. 

 h2. Description of the new system extension 

 * Name: TYPO3 Content Blocks 
 * Module name: Content Blocks 
 ** GER: Inhaltstypen 
 * Extension key: typo3/cms-content-blocks 

 The new system extension TYPO3 Content Blocks provides a registration API that is able to detect and register a required content block, as well as a GUI to kickstart a content block. 

 A Content Block content block is a sub-resource composer package of a extension, type @typo3-contentblock@, that ships everything it needs within itself. A content block represents a CType The registration API applies the "facette pattern": approach to generate TYPO3 specific configuration based on the editor interface definition of a content block.