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Reported issues: 131


21:57 Ajax mail subscription Bug #75944 (Resolved): Incompatible with tt_address 3.x.x
Fixed in version 1.6.1


22:04 OpenStreetMap Bug #49898 (Resolved): Other types of address datatypes - modular approach
Implemented in version 2.0.0


20:16 OpenStreetMap Feature #48742 (Resolved): Allow jQuery usage
Included in next version (option JSlibrary=jquery)


21:34 OpenStreetMap Bug #61011 (Resolved): Log gets filled with error
21:32 OpenStreetMap Bug #74499 (Resolved): Error making instance of $flashMessageService in class.tx_odsosm_div.php
Thanks for figuring this out. The other two classes are only used in TYPO3 7.6, which depends on PHP 5.5. Will be inc...


15:17 OpenStreetMap Bug #35672 (Needs Feedback): Calling plugin from other extension does not work
Ase the core bug is resolved - does this work now?
15:16 OpenStreetMap Bug #57485 (Closed): GPX Track does not show on the map
Thanks for your update :-)
15:11 OpenStreetMap Bug #61011 (Needs Feedback): Log gets filled with error
Do you have the same error with version 1.12.2 ?
15:07 OpenStreetMap Feature #63588 (Rejected): Use stdwrap for Marker
You can set in TS external_control=1:
Allow control with GET or POST
lon: Map center longitude
lat: Map center lat...
14:48 OpenStreetMap Bug #74499 (Needs Feedback): Error making instance of $flashMessageService in class.tx_odsosm_div...
I've checked it again in T3 6.2 with the error message when saving an tt_address record and no login for geonames con...

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