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21:19 OpenStreetMap Bug #77684: Markers from category not shown / error shown instead of map
Could you please check attached file if this works for you? I've simple exchanged the layer group with the clustered ...


20:28 OpenStreetMap Bug #77686 (Resolved): No LAT and LON input fields in backend form of tt_adress records
Works fine here, too. Thanks for the patch! Will be included in the next version.


20:27 Static redirects Bug #77259: ext_emconf.php : Wrong constraints
Hi Marcus,
thanks for your great work!
I've uploaded it again, I hope it will work..
Regards, Robert
00:19 Static redirects Bug #77259 (On Hold): ext_emconf.php : Wrong constraints
that seems to be an core bug or an composer bug.
Please download the extension manualy. The line is not the...


19:59 Direct Mail HTML view Feature #67886: 6.2 Readiness
The other one is more concrete and less yak ;-)
Nevertheless: Thanks for reporting!


20:49 Direct Mail HTML view Bug #45522 (Rejected): Ext is not working ;-)
Hi Laurent,
sorry, I can't give any support as I update my extensions in my rare spare time ...
Regards, Robert
20:47 Direct Mail HTML view Feature #67886 (Closed): 6.2 Readiness
Duplicate of #76514
20:47 Direct Mail HTML view Bug #76514 (Needs Feedback): Reference error in connection with latest Direct_Mail Version
Hi! Could you check attached version, please? I've also added TYPO3 7 compatibility ...


21:57 Ajax mail subscription Bug #75944 (Resolved): Incompatible with tt_address 3.x.x
Fixed in version 1.6.1


22:04 OpenStreetMap Bug #49898 (Resolved): Other types of address datatypes - modular approach
Implemented in version 2.0.0

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