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08:41 Grid Elements Bug #75610: SQL error add new content
Thanks for understanding my issue!
The problem is only with MySQL 5.6 and higher, we also had similar issues with ...


14:31 Grid Elements Bug #75610: SQL error add new content
I just switched to MySQL 5.5.47
And there is no error!
14:28 Grid Elements Bug #75610 (Closed): SQL error add new content
On a fresh TYPO3 7.6.5 Installation I have this error:
2: SQL error: 'Incorrect integer value: '' for column 'tx_...


12:45 Core Bug #32292: Page within a mountpoint using "Show Content from Page" results in 503 header
Still happens in 4.7.8 with realurl
without realurl it works fine, so maybe it is a realurl bug?


11:19 Community Extensions Revision 70986: version
11:19 Formhandler Payment Revision 70986: version


22:13 Formhandler Payment Revision 70975: readme
22:13 Community Extensions Revision 70975: readme


14:28 commerce Bug #32597 (Closed): Adminmail has wrong Reply-To if sendAsUser = 1 is true
Adminmail has wrong Reply-To in E-Mail Header
if Config is adminmail.sendAsUser = 1
Header is john.doe@somewher...


16:03 Advanced Frontend Editing Bug #5426: After Editing of Text w/Image Element it is display double
Now it is fixed!!
Tested on IE8 and FF3.6.
Sorry maybe I had a broken T3 Installation.

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