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10:23 Extension Builder Bug #60707: The controller is not created
I've got the same problem when building an extension without a Model Object.
When creating a Model Object, the contr...


08:03 ke DomPDF Revision 85382: removed www folder
08:03 Community Extensions Revision 85382: removed www folder


22:49 Community Extensions Revision 84616: some bugfixes
22:23 Community Extensions Revision 84615: Bugfix DD Area
22:19 Community Extensions Revision 84614: Bugfix Drag and Drop Area


09:27 Core Bug #57633 (Accepted): FormViewHelper adds complete serialized objects to [__referrer][arguments]...
When you use a forward action in a controller, giving arguments to an action with a <f:form ViewHelper, the Viewhelpe...


14:50 Core Bug #57453: TYPO3\CMS\Extbase\Validation\Validator\NumberValidator
I was talking about the isValid-Funtion inside the validator
14:49 Core Bug #57453 (Resolved): TYPO3\CMS\Extbase\Validation\Validator\NumberValidator
The function-description shows that there SHOULD be a boolean return value but the Validator only adds an Error, no r...


08:33 Community Extensions Revision 84533

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