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09:24 TYPO3 Core Bug #23539: Hide/show icon in BE inconsistent
No, this works as designed. The problem is the design itself.


15:29 TYPO3 Core Bug #23539: Hide/show icon in BE inconsistent
Yes, it's still the same. If a record is visible, the icon shows a glowing light bulb, even though you turn it OFF wh...


11:58 Editorial Team Bug #53063 (Closed): System requirements page incomplete
Currently, not all system requirements are covered by the corresponding page at In addition we have some k...


09:42 SB Portfolio Bug #52093 (New): Wrong mode name in display mode initialization
The list of modes without pagebrowser contains a spelling error:
Line 177 of class.tx_sbportfolio_pi1.php:...


18:07 SB Portfolio Bug #52084 (New): Several typos in setup.txt
There are three cases in setup.txt where there's one double quote too much in the wrap definitions:
Line 598:


20:22 WEC Map Feature #49096: Enable manual override of coordinates
Jan Bartels wrote:
> I think the best way in your special case would be to extend your database-table by a second ad...


17:34 Themes a theme selector, like known from wordpress Bug #49163 (Closed): Link to documentation at Github broken
The link in the extension manual to the documentation at Github is broken.


12:22 WEC Map Feature #49096 (Closed): Enable manual override of coordinates
Currently, the coordinates for each location are retrieved automatically by geocoding and it does not seem possible t...
12:14 WEC Map Major Feature #49095 (New): AJAX based search
Currently, the search works the following way:
- Display all locations in map if no search criteria have been set


15:35 WEC Map Feature #48919 (Resolved): Radius search submit button not localized
Currently, the "Submit" button in the radius search form is not localized. Could you please add a label like "submit"...

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