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19:13 Calendar Base Bug #83543 (New): Attached file (in google calendar) produces error
When I set up an external calendar in typo3 (with a google calendar) and import that calendar everything works fine. ...


17:51 Calendar Base Revision 5fc76e9d: Fixed removal of datetime entry
17:14 Calendar Base Revision 650fb5b8: Fixed deviations mixed with recurrence by date/datetime
17:13 Calendar Base Revision a76488ce: Fixed double usage of start_date and start_time


18:18 CalDAV Revision 7ac4fef5: removed local address check
18:17 CalDAV Revision 14663e78: Moved TYPO3 files from vendor to Classes
fixed calendarQuery for iOS sync


17:01 CalDAV Revision cae678dd: removed references to old files
fixed baseUri
15:34 CalDAV Revision 06be99c6: included sabredav version 3.2.2
15:31 CalDAV Revision ca82d75d: included sabredav version 3.2.2


18:00 Calendar Base Bug #81997: Category tree don't show categories in a new event record
Well, as far as I can see, I'm not getting the calendar_id value in TYPO3 8 anymore :(
Any help is appriciated

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