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12:23 TYPO3 Core Bug #61565 (Rejected): PHP Strict Warning with v4.7 and MySQL5.4
Opening a page in the FE gives
PHP Strict Standards: Non-static method tslib_cObj::getKey() should not be called s...


23:24 Bug #60779: No commit possible for older extension
Hi Michael,
what ever you've done, it works now.
Has the "hidden" state of the project caused the failure?
01:13 Bug #60779 (Closed): No commit possible for older extension
Hi there,
I have a problem with Forge and SVN.
In one of my older extensions are no commits possible. I get a 4...


16:22 Secure Download 3.00 hours (Task #56017 (Resolved): CGL compliance)
16:22 Secure Download 4.00 hours (Task #56017 (Resolved): CGL compliance)
16:21 Secure Download Task #56017 (Resolved): CGL compliance
16:19 Secure Download Bug #56016 (Resolved): Bugfix
16:19 Secure Download 0.25 hour (Bug #56016 (Resolved): Bugfix)
16:18 Secure Download Bug #56016 (Resolved): Bugfix
Kommentarende in einer Datei ohne dass es einen Kommentaranfang geben w├╝rde und zwar in der rssecuredownload.php Date...


20:48 TYPO3 Core Bug #53131: Uncaught TYPO3 Exception uid property is already set. Cannot merge index record. When running 'Migrate all file links of RTE-enabled fields to FAL' wizard
Hello together,
the Install-Tool doesn't work if you use "Migrate all file relations from tt_content.image and pag...

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