Andreas Balzer



22:13 TYPO3 Core Bug #18452 (Closed): Iconset and dropdowns (Workspace Selector, Cache, Search, Open documents) when using small screen
When using a very small screen or having TYPO3 opened in a small window, the icons and dropdowns are moved to the blu...


20:54 TYPO3 Core Bug #18399: Argument 1 passed to t3lib_div::arrayToLogString() must not be null


21:50 TYPO3 Core Bug #18359 (Closed): Extension manager listing is cropped in Firefox 3 beta 3
see attachment.
(issue imported from #M7738)


15:58 TYPO3 Core Bug #18348 (Closed): Copying of sysfolders or pages with entries connected via mm database entries fail
If you want to copy a sysfolder or a page where you have entries within like seminars (seminar manager from Oliver Kl...


01:07 TYPO3 Core Bug #17892 (Closed): BE does not reload if another skin or navigation has been selected
If you select another skin or navigation setting within User Settings, the BE does not reload. As you have selected a...


12:03 TYPO3 Core Bug #17429 (Closed): Simulate Static Documents: Pagetype as parameter is ignored.
If you use Simulate Static Pagetype with the following file scheme: PID.PAGETYPE.html and there's an extension that a...


00:00 TYPO3 Core Bug #17201: Preview link does not preview all template "type"s..
Maybe T3 can check, whether the current page was accessed with a preview url. If this happend, it could check the ids...


12:53 TYPO3 Core Bug #17201: Preview link does not preview all template "type"s..
This might be correct, but what about XML or other configurations? Imagine you're using a flash site. It wouldn't wor...


22:05 TYPO3 Core Bug #17201 (Closed): Preview link does not preview all template "type"s..
Imagine the following situation:
You have pagetype type = 0 for your contents. The template with pagetype 0 in...


17:08 TYPO3 Core Bug #17184 (Closed): t3lib_div::tempnam('anything_'); returns invalid path
If you use t3lib_div::tempnam('anything_'); on Windows Vista 64 Bit (didn't check for other systems), you'll recieve ...

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