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13:12 TYPO3 Core Bug #87475: Filelist error - RootllineUtility tries to fetch deleted page by sys_file_storage UID
I had the same problem.
My solution was to update the uid in table sys_file_storage to the value of rootPageId (clic...


22:30 DB Integration Task #87609 (New): wfqbe for TYPO3 v9
hi team,
i'm currently porting wfqbe 7.6.4 (the TER version) to TYPO3 LTS version 9
the github repository (forked...


08:24 TYPO3 Core Bug #87503: ErrorPageController relies on an available PackageManager
I get the error when a syntax error occurs in typo3conf/PackageStates.php
After adding couple of lines i could s...


10:53 DB Integration Task #86162: Compatibility with T3v8 and Fluid
Erwin and I are currently working on an intermediate version, based on T3v7, where we introduce Fluid forms in the ba...


20:30 DB Integration Bug #83609 (New): add orderby for fluid template column headers
for template type fluidtemplate there is no support currently to sort on column headers.
(1) in class.t...


15:04 DB Integration Bug #82192: Something wrong in class.tx_wfqbe_results.php, maybe related to showBrowser
hi Claudio,
the line 1045 is:
foreach ($GLOBALS['TYPO3_CONF_VARS']['EXTCONF']['wfqbe']['showBrowser'] a...


16:08 DB Integration Bug #81508: globalCustomProcess not working
ok i found it. the 2nd param 'globalCustomProcess' is missing on line 728, it is currently a newline.
File: EXT:wf...


15:25 DB Integration Bug #81713 (Resolved): fileadmin/office/tmpl/fe_users.tmpl works but file:89 does not
When i browse the fileadmin for a custom template,
the browse returns with file:89 for a file in fileadmin.
15:17 DB Integration Bug #81508: globalCustomProcess not working
using Raw Query :...
09:43 DB Integration Bug #81508: globalCustomProcess not working
yes we use custom templates.
but the templates have not changed.
all you have to do is to copy the standard tem...

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