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09:51 TYPO3 Core Bug #17599: Frontend preview doesn't work for subpages of hidden and restricted pages
With 11.5.26 and the following scenario:
[1] Home page (root)
[10] Page 1 (extend to subpage:yes, *hidden = 1* )
Franz Kugelmann


13:39 TYPO3 Core Bug #100798: CSP: wildcard is url-encoded
Oliver Hader wrote in #note-1:
> Most probably the observation is correct. However, allowing everything contradicts ...
Franz Kugelmann


14:41 TYPO3 Core Bug #100798 (Resolved): CSP: wildcard is url-encoded
There is one special case with CSP directives, which is not correctly covered right now. Example:... Franz Kugelmann


16:06 TYPO3 Core Bug #96925: Make webp quality settings adjustable in TYPO3
We would also love to have some configuration options for webp rendering.
As a quick hack and to play around with se...
Franz Kugelmann


16:44 TYPO3 Core Bug #96512 (Closed): Still duplicate PageTree since 10.4.22 / 11.5.4 for some cases
This is a followup on #96367, since that is marked as "Resolved" already.
It is still broken under certain conditi...
Franz Kugelmann
10:37 TYPO3 Core Bug #96367: Duplicate pages in pagetree since v10.4.22
This is still broken under certain conditions. Applies for the newly released versions 10.4.23 and 11.5.5.
How to rep...
Franz Kugelmann


13:48 TYPO3 Core Bug #95380: ReferenceIndex does not take LinkHandler Configuration into account
The workaround with the tablename as identifier fails if you have multiple LinkHandler configurations for the same ta... Franz Kugelmann
08:20 TYPO3 Core Bug #95380 (Closed): ReferenceIndex does not take LinkHandler Configuration into account
When using the linkhandler to configure links to single records like explained in Franz Kugelmann


08:10 TYPO3 Core Bug #95166: Linkvalidator breaks if no pageUid
Just stumbled upon this issue. To reproduce, add the following link directly into a tt_content::bodytext field.
NOT ...
Franz Kugelmann


15:11 TYPO3 Core Bug #91870: TYPO3 v. 10.4 Caching and Speaking URLs
We had the same issue, removing the L paramater from config.linkVars works.
In our case bots were requesting these U...
Franz Kugelmann

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