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20:58 Marketing Team Task #41749 (Closed): Helping hands
20:53 Marketing Team Task #39587: Integrate inside
This is nearly done. Only an extension for showing the certified integrators is missing. Boris is working on this to ...
20:50 Marketing Team Task #39589 (Closed): Create a team
20:49 Marketing Team Task #47564 (Needs Feedback): Marketing for TYPO3 Surf
Christopher Hlubek is working on a content concept based on which we want to give Surf an own place on
20:45 Marketing Team Task #39591: Next steps regarding image video
What is the status on this?
20:25 Marketing Team Task #51130: Event websites
I informed the EAB about the plans and I'm waiting for an answer or any objections.
20:02 Marketing Team Task #45391: Mobile version of and/or a mobile app
I assign the ticket to Christian because he wanted to prepare something next to Patrick.
19:57 Marketing Team Task #39571: T3CON 2013
I assign the ticket to Volker because he organizes the conference.
19:49 Marketing Team Task #51131 (New): Marketing Team itself
*July 31st protocol*
Sven Ditz already asked for our contact data and will write us after Volker sent him the inform...
19:47 Marketing Team Task #41752 (Closed): Idea: Marketing Sprint

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