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11:43 Core Bug #71797 (Resolved): Next and previous icons in Workspace module are missing
The workspace module has two icons for sending a content element to the next or the previous stage. The sprite used s...


12:43 Logging Project Task #51718 (Closed): Remove sys_log dependency from core components
Before removing all the log writes to sys_log, several core components must be adapted to function without it. Otherw...


13:10 Logging Project Task #32566: Go through various core compontents and replace old function calls with new API calls
Currently there are several core components which depend on the sys_log table. This dependency must be removed.
* ...


16:22 Package Builder Bug #49734 (New): TYPO3\PackageBuilder\Exception thrown in file TYPO3_PackageBuilder_Strategy_TYP...
Could not generate domain model, error: Warning: str_pad() expects parameter 1 to be string, array given in Packages...


17:39 TYPO3.Setup Bug #49666 (New): Routes not detected
The /setup redirects to /setup/index, the next screen fails with the message no database connection error message.
17:32 TYPO3.Setup Bug #49664 (Resolved): Setup detects wrong PHP binary when running via fpm
When the webserver pumps the request to a fcgi PHP set up via FPM, the PHP_BINARY constant contains ".../php-fpm". Th...


14:29 Logging Project Task #46616: Evaluate usage of INSERT DELAYED INTO for DatabaseWriter
And DELAYED has been deprecated. Using it is not recommended.
They are pushed into a separate thread to speed up o...
14:23 Logging Project Bug #28481: sys_log insertions should not take processing time
With the new Logging API, this becomes a feature of the actual writer.
A database writer cannot simply do that. Us...


16:34 PHPUnit Bug #46921 (Resolved): Wrong Separator disables external PEAR installation
In the Extension Manager one can enter a path to enter a custom PEAR installation folder for using a different PHPUni...


20:41 Extension Builder Bug #42448 (Resolved): Fatal Error with TYPO3 v6
Whenever I try to open the extension builder module, I get an fatal error like this:...

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