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20:19 TYPO3.Flow Feature #45553 (Resolved): Missing TRUE Validator for mandatory checkboxes
Applied in changeset commit:d46b153a646fe12fb4eb988d46a277ec366cda40.
20:19 TYPO3.Flow Feature #45976 (Resolved): Boolean Validator
Applied in changeset commit:d46b153a646fe12fb4eb988d46a277ec366cda40.


22:43 TYPO3.Flow Bug #50088 (Resolved): Loading order of packages does in some cases not respect depenencies
Since over half a year i have strange problems with the loading order of packages (and as a result of that the config...


18:23 TYPO3.Fluid Bug #34682: Radio Button missing checked on validation error
This bug only happens for radio buttons with name="something" and not for radio buttons specified with property="some...


19:56 Bug #42367: Broken Link to the TYPO3 Flow Coding Guidelines on one page
Seems like it is broken again :(
The link "coding guidelines in a one page document" on the following page is brok...


11:52 TYPO3.Flow Bug #47975 (Resolved): initializeObject in a Entity is called at a time where no properties are loaded
I have an Entity which is loaded during validation of a Action Argument. (The Action Argument is another Entity with ...


17:37 TYPO3.Flow Bug #45609 (Resolved): If authenticated initializeObject() in every session-scope object is called twice
Applied in changeset commit:298ee692ee2381d0b525e4da071ac9a3307e05b5.


12:33 TYPO3.Flow Bug #47776: Configuration is no longer correctly Merged from the various Packages
Turns out that this behaiviour is intended.
The problem in my installation was that the PackageStates.php was comp...
11:38 TYPO3.Flow Revision 298ee692: [BUGFIX] initializeObject is no longer executed twice
In every session-scope object initializeObject() was
called twice as soon as the session is started.
Now initializeOb...
11:08 TYPO3.Flow Bug #47776: Configuration is no longer correctly Merged from the various Packages
Argh... sorry... just noticed that my last comment is a "missing feature" or "trap" that is around for a long time an...

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