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16:50 TYPO3 Core Bug #93300: Canonical wrong with mountpoint
This issue also exists in TYPO3 9 (9.5.26). Can / would it be fixed for this core version, too? hwt3 no-lastname-given


16:34 TYPO3 Core Bug #87104: PageTypeSuffix removes type parameter for non mapped type values
Furthermore, the 'type' parameter is ignored in url resolving, when PageTypeSuffix is used but the type number is not... hwt3 no-lastname-given


17:10 TYPO3 Core Bug #71044: CE Special/Menu Order by ID
+1 This is a must have.
Optimally there should be an option to decide, if to sort via pagetree or order in select...
hwt3 no-lastname-given


02:30 TYPO3 Core Bug #29785: felogin redirect Error with showLogoutFormAfterLogin
Yes, there is a hint in the documentation. But this behaviour isn't locial for me, at least from the non-technical po... hwt3 no-lastname-given


22:44 TYPO3 Core Bug #34568: rsaauth can not be used multiple times on one page
What is the current state of this Issue?
The same problem exists in TYPO3 5.2.x, e.g. with sr_feuser_register 3.1.x
hwt3 no-lastname-given

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