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15:56 Core Bug #81208: Invalid SQL query when previewing a workspace with translated relations
The patch helps here.


14:18 Core Bug #82193 (New): FAL relation: Default file meta data values shown in wrong language
We've got a bi-lingual TYPO3 with German as first (default) and English as second language.
Our images have translat...


13:51 Core Bug #82122 (Under Review): Typo3DbBackend::doLanguageAndWorkspaceOverlay ignores pages l18n_cfg
Page records have a @l18n_cfg@ bit field that has one bit for "Hide page if no translation for current language exist...
08:40 Core Bug #82118: User interface does not react / 500 internal server error dummyToken
This is with TYPO3 8.7.4.
08:39 Core Bug #82118 (New): User interface does not react / 500 internal server error dummyToken
The backend did not react anymore when clicking on backend modules or pages in the tree.
Opening the console showe...


13:31 Core Feature #82010 (New): Fluid: ViewHelper to fetch categories + records with the same category
Fluid does not provide a way to access the list of categories that the current page is assigned to.
It would also ...


08:45 Core Bug #81902 (New): Accessing new pages via speaking URL does not work in workspace preview links
When visiting a workspace preview link, accessing pages by their speaking URL does not work - if they have been creat...


15:00 Static file cache Bug #1636: Does not take into account 'start' / 'stop' time of pages / tt_news / content elements...
It's not a rootlevel @cache@-entry in TypoScript but @config.cache@ - see


15:20 Core Feature #81269: Context support for sys_domain records
Unfortunately, @BackendUtility::getViewDomain()@ cannot be influenced by @enableFields@ hooks to get a specific domai...


09:56 Core Task #81326 (Rejected): Check igbinary version in install tool
igbinary 1.2.1 on Ubuntu 16.04 has a sublte bug with PHP 7 that breaks the extbase reflection cache.
The install too...

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