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23:32 Core Bug #70501: Cropping a png with transparency looses transparency
does not appear again in latest master 7.6.1.


17:44 Budget 2015 Discussion: RE: Automated Performance monitoring for TYPO3 CMS
is this project already finished? if so, where can I see the results?


11:27 Core Feature #70484: Parse and move RTE external CSS to typo3temp folder
The big challenge is to parse and replace relative paths in the file for example for background images


16:55 Core Feature #71247: Add (Flash)Message after extension update with inline html
Should I create a new ticket for the hook/signal/... to be implemented?


15:11 Core Feature #71247 (Rejected): Add (Flash)Message after extension update with inline html
I have written my own slot for the extension manager after installation of an extension like this:


17:17 mm_forum Bug #64731 (Needs Feedback): Error in search plugin
Just installed latest version of mm_forum with git and cannot reproduce your problem. Can you please pull the latest ...


01:19 Core Feature #71112: Add placeholder attribute to TCA
sorry, I just realized that this is solved already in commit:13177fa0.
ticket can be closed.
00:49 Core Feature #71112 (Rejected): Add placeholder attribute to TCA
Adding a placeholder attribute to the FormEngine would improve user experience by giving the editor some hints about ...


14:03 mm_forum Bug #64731: Error in search plugin
ok I'll fix it asap!


10:45 Grid Elements Feature #70924 (Resolved): Add javascript to page footer from within a content element
Applied in changeset commit:a5e5ef8d9c07a9f9d6e26af042898b4b5334de3c.

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