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22:37 Core Feature #66525: IconUtility->skinImg source does not allow EXT prefix
here is the class: TYPO3\CMS\Backend\Controller\ContentElement\NewContentElementController Line 221 where it is used....
22:35 Core Feature #66525 (New): IconUtility->skinImg source does not allow EXT prefix
wizardItems.[group].elements.[name].icon is defined as image resource. It is possible to either set ...


23:31 CCDebug Revision 43ba88b0: initial commit with version 1.0.0
Change-Id: Idc8886a25b91540416d3b089f69b397aed34d850
Reviewed-by: Simon Sc...


17:04 Core Feature #66298: Allow installation via a git url
This _could_ lead to problems with wrong extension keys because _some_ people upload TYPO3 extensions with wrong exte...


18:52 RealURL Feature #66310 (Under Review): Add configuration for html suffix for autoconf
Add a setting in extension manager to configure if urls should be suffixed with .html or with a slash (which is default)


21:00 Core Bug #22542 (Resolved): Problem regarding sys_domain records handling in typolinks
Applied in changeset commit:d9d36bb2f0cba6f5da7ffc07bd01df9acf606c35.
20:44 Core Revision d9d36bb2: [BUGFIX] Uncheck prefix domain for new domain records
Change default value for prefixing new domain records to zero since
creating multiple domains with prefix can lead to...
14:52 Core Feature #24396 (New): Adminlog doesn't have a pager
still no pager in 6.2


13:26 Documentation Rendering Feature #65931 (Accepted): Allow syntax highlighting of PHP in reST for fragments
in github you can syntax highlight a block with the following annotation:...


02:55 Base Package (aka typo3_src) Bug #54473: Fatal error after install
it's probably because of the autoloader.

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