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13:26 Documentation Rendering Feature #65931 (Accepted): Allow syntax highlighting of PHP in reST for fragments
in github you can syntax highlight a block with the following annotation:...


02:55 Base Package (aka typo3_src) Bug #54473: Fatal error after install
it's probably because of the autoloader.


04:57 Core Bug #65654: Error code 1238108067 exists twice
ups, TYPO3 version is lower than 6.0. saw that the error messages are translateable from 6.0 on. Is it possible to ge...
04:50 Core Bug #65654 (New): Error code 1238108067 exists twice
Error Code 1238108067 exists twice in exbase which is bad if you want to translate the error messages by error code.


19:39 mm_forum Bug #64865 (Resolved): [BUGFIX] Havealook list is not rendered
Applied in changeset commit:d07964abf0c96a484bf3eb9d810b974f0a59ea33.
19:19 mm_forum Revision d07964ab: [BUGFIX] Havealook list is not rendered
Releases: master, 1.10
Resolves: #64865
Change-Id: I56b3a09a8376e02193dccf7b795e19f93daca043
Reviewed-on: http://revi...
19:15 mm_forum Bug #64865: [BUGFIX] Havealook list is not rendered
github repo is readonly. please fork the repo on next time.
19:09 mm_forum Bug #65565 (Resolved): class.tx_mmforum.pi1.php
Applied in changeset commit:22a108ad73b7c083e7555c0223a6fe2ecef3e022.
18:55 mm_forum Revision 22a108ad: [BUGFIX] use of wrong variable in hook
Resolves: #65565
Releases: master, 1.10
Change-Id: I830a0ebd396ea5221a74bfe1b8b094170054789e
Reviewed-on: http://revi...


19:33 Extension Builder Task #65547: Generate Fluid templates with fluid namespaces
this is maybe good for the documentation:

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