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13:03 Core Bug #57953: Rendering time of HMENU is really bad, maybe bug?
Instead of nesting all the levels, a main template with section would be helpful in this case which calls itself. Som...


16:00 Core Feature #51137: felogin emails not configuarable
I also just wanted to style all Emails according to my style guide and stumbled over the forgot password which just c...


00:03 Core Feature #33734: Domain - Language mapping
thanx for reopening and talking care about this! good night everyone!


23:48 Core Feature #33734: Domain - Language mapping
typolink function should handle this imho. even without using realurl/cooluri, typo3 should add the correct language ...
21:34 Core Feature #33734: Domain - Language mapping
actually realurl does NOT offer what I need. This needs to be implemented into the core. please reopen!


12:11 Core Feature #25133: TMENU has no typolink function
I didn't have a look into the source code but yes, I'm quite sure that it is still the same as I follow the release n...
02:02 mm_forum Bug #65271 (Needs Feedback): security tokens are not working in mmm-forum 1.11-dev
Hi Andreas,
can you please try again with the latest git version? It should work ;)


03:24 Core Feature #24878 (New): Add first and last attribute in sitemap content type


15:08 Language File Editor Bug #67499 (New): Don't touch original file when translating
I'm translating from english to german and I would not expect that the original xlf file will also be changed for tha...


22:42 Core Feature #25133: TMENU has no typolink function
still doesn't work as the menu rendering is still the same since ages...

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