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22:25 TYPO3 Core Feature #70923: TCA: Show proper error message if validation is failing
The thing is, you know that something is wrong but you don't know what exactly. It the same like an error message: "A...


13:51 TYPO3 Core Bug #65801: Headers are visible if URI of pageNotFound_handling has a redirect by .haccess
Here is a snippet somebody sent to me. Maybe thats helpful....


20:22 mm_forum Bug #80658 (Rejected): spamProtectEmailAddresses = ascii doesn't work in Typo3 7


15:18 Static Info Tables Bug #82132 (New): Composer install fails with additional languages required at the same time
Installing TYPO3 fails when you require static_info_tables and another language like static_info_tables_de
15:12 Static Info Tables Bug #80408: Error in composer replace statement
There is actually an error in the composer.json:


03:30 TYPO3 Core Feature #81223: includeCSS.forceInline property
Hi Raphael,
Thank you for your patch. Could you please push your change to our review system?


23:19 TYPO3 Core Bug #81202: linkToTop in css_styled_content broken in TYPO3 7
Found this snippet. Why not integrate it into the core?...
23:10 TYPO3 Core Bug #81202 (New): linkToTop in css_styled_content broken in TYPO3 7
Since config.prefixLocalAnchors was removed from the core with #65934 and outsourced into compatibility6 extension, a...


12:00 TYPO3 Core Bug #81061 (Resolved): Use fluid inline style syntax in html attribute
Applied in changeset commit:4123f950ac01e6bd1f08f29b80f8110ce7bc8108.
11:55 TYPO3 Core Revision 4123f950: [TASK] Use fluid inline notation in HTML attribute values
Resolves: #81061
Releases: master
Change-Id: If045e04a846c1e73b7cff0f89e24ceb94a2f2af4
Reviewed-on: https://review.ty...

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