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21:22 TYPO3.Flow Revision 1b26b8f9: [BUGFIX] Handle all exception cases in the Doctrine connection
Now all cases of an exception are handled and given through in case
a PDO exception occurs.
Change-Id: Ia5ad826cda0e...


09:21 TYPO3.Eel Revision d9cfdabb: [FEATURE] Provide an Eel expression syntax validator
This adds a Flow Validator which allows to check
for a correct syntax. The expression given must
lack the wrapping ``...


09:08 TYPO3.Flow Revision 958c8876: [!!!][TASK] Decoupling of TYPO3.Party package
This makes the use of the ``TYPO3.Party`` package optional, hence fully
replaceable. The Account does not have a tigh...


10:47 TYPO3.Flow Revision b02b7a00: [!!!][BUGFIX] Preserve initial value of AOP-introduced properties
This maintains the initial value of AOP-introduced properties,
if they are other than NULL, for example::
/* @Flow...


21:08 TYPO3.Flow Revision 21c5e4d2: [FEATURE] Make introduced properties known to persistence
Properties being introduces via AOP are now correctly
picked up by Doctrine persistence. To achieve this,
the introdu...


14:26 TYPO3.Flow Feature #51405 (Rejected): Fix OneTo* associations from ValueObjects
Abandoned, developes should just annotate it properly.


14:30 TYPO3.Flow Feature #44157 (Resolved): Object configuration should imply annotated object name
Applied in changeset commit:f0bde21d8d35b4751e22ad4eb1a087069f9c922b.


15:36 TYPO3.Flow Revision f0bde21d: [FEATURE] ObjectConfiguration gets name from annotation
Currently, an object configuration's property's class must
explicitly configured with its name, even if the name is
12:11 TYPO3.Flow Revision 485ab04e: [FEATURE] Add HTTP-version and start-line support to Http\Message
This adds support for the HTTP-version to HTTP Messages like
Request and Response; i.e. it is stored and accessible.


16:05 TYPO3.Flow Revision 8c4fdc4c: [BUGFIX] Respect correct property filling priority in ObjectConverter
The order preference to try to set a property
via constructor, via setter and via public property
is now respected co...

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