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15:26 powermail Feature #70310: Add error class to field wrapper
I know this is possible by VH @{vh:Validation.ValidationDataAttribute(field:field)}@ but this is only available by se...
15:22 powermail Feature #70310 (Rejected): Add error class to field wrapper
Is there a simple way to add error class to the field wrapper instead of field (or for both) ?
11:45 Core Feature #70285: Layout for content elements
Please assign that issue to category "Fluid styled content"


23:28 Core Feature #70285 (Needs Feedback): Layout for content elements
I didn't found possibility to use @Layout@ field from Appearance tab to wrap content elements, this feature is very i...
01:42 Core Bug #70243 (New): Polishing dropdown selectors for 7.6 LTS
In TYPO3 7 bootstraped dropdown selectors dont fits to the rest of form fields, there is a different border-radius, d...
00:57 Core Bug #70242 (New): rteHeight is ignored
In TYPO3 7.5 setting with own value of Default RTE height is ignored, no matter if you set size from user settings (U...


00:58 NN Address Feature #69986 (New): Custom fields in search form
I wonder whether it is possible to put custom form field to the search form.
For now there is only Group field to f...


15:20 Core Feature #66608: Element browser need some kind of sorting
Come on please add this to TYPO3 7.X :)


23:14 news extension Bug #61804: Including TSConfig form external file doesn't work
I figured out that layouts appears after first save (click on diskette on the top), so this may be confusing


19:41 docs.typo3.org Feature #61159: Link to extension page from manual
Chris topher wrote:
> Or do you miss a link to TER?
Exactly, there is no posibility to go to the TER,
in the ca...

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