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15:52 news extension Support #62688: excludeDisplayedNews on Detail view with List view
Georg Ringer wrote:
> it is important to know how this actually works: the VH writes the uid of the news record into...


12:54 news extension Support #62688 (Needs Feedback): excludeDisplayedNews on Detail view with List view
I noticed out that excludeDisplayedNews works well with more than one List view on same page, but i can't configure i...


13:30 Formhandler Feature #47340: Progress bar for file upload
This is great news!
Maybe this is a good moment to improve this issue https://forge.typo3.org/issues/37311


21:55 Dynamic Content Elements (DCE) Bug #59883: FAL (inline) in backend
This bug still exist in DCE 0.11.3,
i have exactly the same situation like was described above


10:20 NN Address Feature #61902 (Rejected): Random sorting
Is there a chance to add random sorting ?
10:19 NN Address Feature #61901 (Rejected): Manual sorting
Sometimes we need to sort records in differents ways, one of them is manual sorting,
is there a chance to add such f...
00:19 Faceted Search Feature #61896 (Accepted): tx_news indexer and related content elements
As you know tx_news have possibility to attach any content element what is powerfull feature,
ke_search have builtin...


15:53 NN Address Bug #61887 (Closed): No possibility to select address group
I have added some groups for nn_address (in the same folder as the addresses)
but those group are not displayed in ...


23:24 news extension Bug #61804 (Rejected): Including TSConfig form external file doesn't work
I noticed that configuration in page TSConfig works only if is inserted directly in Page resources tab,
including se...


19:59 Formhandler Support #52267 (New): Attachments are randomly missing
I got the same problem, so i guess it may be the same situation with my forms,
Jan, can you describe the solution th...

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