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10:28 Core Bug #57272: Extbase doesn't handle FAL translations correctly
Not only this task should get extra € to force fixing,
my types:
#47192 (not fixed from 3 years)
#45873 (not...


17:04 Core Feature #76300 (New): More intuitive selection of Trans.Orig.
Today working with multi language website is not so easy for editors.
To streamline the work one of things should b...
10:42 Core Bug #73732: Wrong colPos for copied content elements with defLangBinding = 1
I can confirm this issue on TYPO3 6.2 LTS


15:42 Core Bug #47192: setRespectSysLanguage(FALSE) doesn't prevent language overlay when fetching localized...
please keep this patch for 7 LTS, do not make us wait longer for it.
11:25 NN Address Bug #75941 (Under Review): Fatal error: Call to a member function getChildGroups()


10:08 phpMyAdmin Bug #56693: Unable to determine TYPO3_MODE
Clearing Cookies doesn't work


00:21 Core Feature #75196 (Rejected): Add possibility to hide elements in FlexForm Array
Elements in flexform array have 2 options, first one for removing, second for reordering elements, I wonder why there...


15:14 news extension Bug #73003: Related news show up even if they are hidden
My use case:
Default language: PL (no language record, L=0)
Additional language : EN (L=1)
@config {


23:44 Content Designer Task #73571: Rewrite Documentation
small support here,
I'm in the process of rewriting to the ReST https://github.com/r4fx/TYPO3-content_designer
14:18 news extension Major Feature #72167: Extending article fields by defining FlexForm XML
Georg thank you for taking the time to investigate topic and for the snippets,
don't you think, however, that this f...

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