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12:01 powermail Feature #80745: field in subject by typoscript
Your example refers to Flexform field,
my intention is referring to override Subject by TypoScript, for example in c...
11:19 powermail Feature #80745 (Rejected): field in subject by typoscript
After searching the internet i found that there no simple way to insert field to the email subject.
As you mentioned...


13:45 Mask Bug #80259 (New): Content-Fields tab not visible in page edit (from workspace)
This behaviour appears only on workspace module,
Content-Fields tab (added by Mask) is not visible in page edit unt...
13:14 Core Bug #76427: Exception when adding in a workspace a page in the pagetree
I can confirm that bug on TYPO3 7.6.16


11:37 Core Feature #69190: Add password generator "wizard"


00:25 Core Feature #79910: Add an alias to Backend Layout record
This partly solves the case, layout constructed in tsconfig is very helpfully for template starters, but this is a bi...


23:55 Core Feature #79910 (Rejected): Add an alias to Backend Layout record
Currently BE layouts records can be distinguish only by their UID, it's very impractical when deploying the backend l...


09:29 Core Bug #67676: Element "sys_file_reference:XXX" does not exist"
the same on 7.6.15


12:06 Metadata and content analysis service Bug #79213: Width/height from EXIF should not be trusted
1. Uninstall *extractor* extension
2. Upload Test.jpg by *Filelist* and check image dimension in Camera Data tab (it...


11:17 Mask Task #79214 (New): Add option to change tab title (Content-Fields) in Page edit
Please add an option to change that hardcoded "Content-Fields" title of tab in page edit

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