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12:05 news extension Bug #76027 (New): Empty archive date when adding a new news in list-mode.
I have set this via TSconfig:...


18:28 Core Bug #75997 (Closed): Validation failed while trying to call xxxController->showAction().
I just updated to TYPO3 7.6.6, but now I have the problem, that I get often this error message:
Validation failed wh...


11:50 Ajax mail subscription Bug #75944 (Resolved): Incompatible with tt_address 3.x.x
I noticed, that the extension works only with tt_address 2.x.x
I get this error, when I unsubscibe:...


21:11 Core Bug #75715: No HMENU on pages with "hide in menus"
Please close this issue.
This is a bug or feature of the extension t3sbootstrap. Its not on the project-list.


14:02 Direct Mail Subscription Bug #74534: Loading of language file doesn't work after update to 2.0.3
I have the same problem...


15:19 Core Bug #75715: No HMENU on pages with "hide in menus"
Well, the same menu runs in other TYPO3 projects. Maybe it is not a TYPO3 bug.


19:04 Core Bug #75715 (Closed): No HMENU on pages with "hide in menus"
I have in TYPO3 7.6.4 the problem, that some HMENUs did not work on pages that are marked as "hide in menu".
That wo...


10:25 Core Bug #75267 (Under Review): Number of Columns = 0 after upgrading to TYPO3 7
I have the problem, that "Number of Columns" = 0 after Upgrading to TYPO3 7.
0 is not allowed!
The problems occurs ...


16:45 Camaliga Task #73812 (Accepted): Suche verbessern
Die Suche muss ein leeres Ergebnis ausgeben, wenn nichts gefunden wurde.
Bitte ├╝berpr├╝fen.
11:27 Shop System Bug #73736: Unknown column 'tt_products_cat.highlight' in 'field list'
And in the single view:...

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