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Reported issues: 53


13:53 My quiz and poll Support #40492 (Closed): Paging by categories
13:52 My quiz and poll Support #47044 (Closed): Starting point for questions not see on page configuration of plugin
13:50 My quiz and poll Feature #44724 (Closed): more then six answers


11:56 Direct Mail Subscription Bug #69012 (New): doubleslash in links
With this setting:...


10:15 Grids for Bootstrap Bug #68221: "add new content element" is broken
Used system:
Typo3 6.2.14
bootstrap_core 1.2.3
bsdist 1.2.2
gridelements 3.2.0
bootstrap_grids 1.1.1
OK, you ha...


11:51 forge.typo3.org Bug #54447: Project can not be selected in issue dropdown
OK, it is fixed.


15:04 Grids for Bootstrap Bug #68221 (Closed): "add new content element" is broken
I have a problem with the tabs "Raster-Elemente". See image. Do you have any idea?
It works on a test-server, but no...


08:33 Core Bug #67533 (New): FAL does not work with workspaces correct
When I use the workspace with my extension, I get an error message when I select an image or a relation-element:


16:52 Core Bug #67350: PHP Warning: preg_match(): Compilation failed: internal error: previously-checked ref...
Better you reopen the bug.
I think the reason for the problem is a PHP update from PHP 5.5.x to 5.5.25.
16:45 Grid Elements Bug #67247: Localization failed
To point 1: The elements are copied from other languages too.
See the images "before.jpg" and "after.jpg".

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