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16:28 QR-Codes Suggestion #88362 (New): typoscript viewhelper
Dear Christian,
today I had the following xclass-error:
Core: Exception handler (WEB): Uncaught TYPO3 Exception: ...


14:09 TYPO3 Core Bug #85432 (Closed): tx_form confirmation finisher has no id
Hello together,
I'm using the new form in 8.7 with a confirmation-finisher, and the form somewhere on bottom of the ...


12:08 Fluid - ViewHelper - Incubator Suggestion #83307 (New): f:form.upload add parameters accept and capture for image-upload (for mo...
Hello together,
could somebody (please, please) imagine to add the attributes
accept and capture in typo3/sysext/fl...


13:17 TYPO3 Core Bug #81008 (Needs Feedback): f:image, f:media and pdf thumbnail rendering in Frontend
I was struggeling with the problem, that some pdf-fhumbnails are not rendered in fluid.
for me the problem o...


11:08 Calendar Base Suggestion #79284 (Closed): fluid styled content and marker based template
I had problems showing images in the list view because I am using fluid_styled_content and not css_styled_conten...


12:02 aloha Bug #58821: Compatibility issue with 6.2
Hello together,
> a quick fix: $this->tslib_AdminPanel->extGetLL('update')
does not work in my 6.2.11 install...


15:23 TYPO3 Core Story #62394: TCA Overrides autoloader
uh? removed the line in ext_tables.php, but the field still there. Wonder where it was in the beginning.
15:00 TYPO3 Core Story #62394: TCA Overrides autoloader
hm, that was what I did first, but the field did not appear. really.
it was similar as here:
12:52 TYPO3 Core Story #62394 (Closed): TCA Overrides autoloader
Hello everybody,
I have just extended the pages table, like described here with tt_content:


11:39 Translation Team Bug #54870 (Rejected): extbase(?) error code 1332933658 german translation missing
Hi guys,
while testing my extension, I just saw that there is no german translation for extbase form validation: er...

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